Tuesday, May 5, 2009


*Ding Dong*
*Received a text from Theng*

Theng: Ching, can u go out?
Ching: Huh? Now?
Theng: I dunwan stay at home. My bro........ I wan go out for online.
Ching: I'm at Jusco McD now.. You wana join me?
Theng: Okay, come now.

20 minutes later.......

Theng appeared. BUT... followed by another 2 which it has been so long since our last met. Theng brought along Wai Hong and Boon Boon. What a surprise!!! Then, we called Keehui to join us too. What a fun day. Laughed so madly. And we never forget to tease each other. We love to TEASE. This is how we communicate ~ being so straightforward (or you can consider that as sarcastically). Poor Keehui, victim of the day. =P

First round~ McD.
Second round~ Steven's corner.
Okay, cut the craps and let the photos do the talking.

Camwhore while waiting Waihong to pick up Keehui

We waited there for almost an hour!!!
*It needs merely 10 minutes from Jusco to Prima Setapak lor*

Keehui~ also having braces
Never let her teeth shown in the pic

Me sitting on Keehui's lap =P

There are 5/6 waiters staring at us while the photos are taken
They even came nearer(behind us) to see the outcome of the photos taken

Theng is missing!!!

Where are you, keehui? =P
Can't see your head neh

Haha the half me

Finally can fit all in ^^

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