Sunday, June 28, 2009


Was very surprised to hear Michael Jackson's death from Chenkun during Bio lecture. Ahem, I'm not a huge fan of MJ, but undeniable I do think he's indeed King of Pop and a great dancer. I was so impressed to watch his concert (which was around 10 years ago?) at 8tv. Gosh he can really dance. His moonwalker~ Wow!!! Speechless~ And guess what, the ending in his concert impresssed me the most and I dun think there's other celebrities would actually do the same thing like this. He flew away from the arena in spacesuit. Just like astronaut. No kidding man. And it happened 10 years ago. Too exaggerate eh~ People who did watched this would have understand me utterly.

A skin disease which causes him to 'drown' in the plastic surgery issue
That's how gossips kill people right?
I know how's that feel,
somemore misunderstood by the whole world~ Pity MJ

He has(had) so many symbols that when you see a certain pose, the first comes to your mind would be MJ. Cool huh? That's his success I can say. Let's look at some of his icons.

Moonwalking~ definitely the most remarkable icon for MJ

Toe stand

Closer shot of toe stand

Touching his private part while dancing ><

Posing with his hat

The dance in Triller
You can actually spot his dance in quite a number of western movie
I actually know this dance from the movie '13 going on 30' by Jennifer Garner

Yeah let's share his Triller here. I'm not going to post the REAL thriller MV by MJ, cause it's too longwinded for me. So I instead present you here with Triller dance in '13 going on 30'. Check this out. ^^

Please excuse for the front part

Anyhow, many people are doubting his death now. Could it be a murder case? No idea. But sure there's lots of businessman or fans utilising his death to earn money by putting his belongings on auction etc. What a pathetic.

To the legend that left us. RIP~

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Sorry for not updating for so long. I'm now blogging for a post which should be updated more than a month ago. Very sorry guys. Haha hope this Father's Day title didn't freak you out somehow. I know it's super duper late. I was actually addicted in playing an application in Facebook called Friends For Sale(FFS). Forgive me for the uber late updates ya. ^^

Well, I'll just going to upload some pics taken that time. =)

Art class~ were doing happy father's day card

Went Kepong for dinner at night. I don't fancy seafood but this restaurant's not bad (though it's just a very simple seafood restaurant). Tell you what, you really gotta wait LONGGGGG for the foods to be served, not to mention queue to order your meal and waiting for the seat!!! This somehow proved how nice are the foods. *drools*

Not forget about this~ I love you, papa!!! Muacks~ XOXO



Vege kailan

Man tou!!!
Yeah take this with the crabs~ Jeang ar~

You'll ask for more after you try one

Edible frog~ nice!!!

Prawns in coconut

Munch munch munch~
and I was full to burst!!! LOL~

Friday, June 26, 2009


My closed friends would have known that I wanted to gain weight badly. Of course, no one opposes to this very desperate thought. All agree that I'm under weight and I'd look better with MORE FAT. Hehe the main point I wana gain fat is of course to look better lah. LOL!!!

This is very normal I can say. As you can see, many gals always complain that they look chubby in the photo. And I'm here, having the same problem, just that I want the opposite effect which is to look fatter.

How to gain weight? Damn it~
Okay, I'll try some 'forbidden' foods which gals are quite reluctant to have them if they're dieting. I'm more in worry that I'm not determined enough?

Junk food
I don't really enjoy eating junk foods
but I do think it'll be quite useful

CHEESE!!! ==
Haha I never eat a whole piece of cheese
And now I'm taking it for gain weight purpose
This is my mum's suggestion actually ><

Hehe my favourite~ Chocolate
This would be the best method for a chocoholic like me
My favourite isnt here
Chocolates from Uk taste better?

Gathering @ McD

A very short post about small gathering with U6SB. Merely 6 person as there's another gathering tomorrow night. =P It's been a while since I last met them, half year ago. Here they are, back for the midterm holidays. The whole atmosphere in McD has brought by us (we're the noisest there of course!!! But who cares? =P)


Look at our Ms Hwang~ my royal toilet partner =X
Whenever and wherever you're with her, you wont feel bored ><
She can talk non stop especially BIO topics

NEVER forget to camwhore ><

Casley + Steph + Grace

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Have a look on my toe. =(
Nail broken again. Sigh.
I just broke my pinky nail on 3rd of May ler.
Then comes the second case. Pity me.
I don't expect there's such case for every month!!!
I'll die, I tell ya.
(Kidding, a broken nail won't kills me =P)

Before it detached entirely XD
Eww ler?

Flashback on my pinky
Anyway, its in good condition now =P

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sam's Bday @ Quattro

20One word for quattro~ AWESOME!!!

Hehe finally got chance to go there. You know, I don't really have this kind of chance to go clubbing. Thanks to mummy and daddy to let me have some fun tonight. =P Well, it's far more nice and fun compare to other clubs. The music and DJ here are undeniably jeang. Thumbs up!!!

Happy Birthday to Sam ^^

Gah the light is too bright

Look at Kenny
So excited to be with a hot chick =P

Kenny + Henry

Kenny and I

Henry + Casley

Me with the lengluis

Dance dance dance
Fun fun fun

Look at the crowd
Luckily we did the reservation,
or else I'm going to stand and
sandwiched in the crowd ><

Without the flash

Henry is having some drink which I can't recall what is it ><

It serves together with salt and lemon

Inside the winter bar
Freezing like hell

Acting like no rasa saja XD
You should see how we look like
when the camera isn't focus on us

Sitting on the ICE chair!!!
Bloody cold *shake*

Snap the picha, quick!!!
I want get out of here!!!

Mind you, -12°C!!!

Warm up ourselves with camwhoring session =P

If you don't feel any cold inside the winter bar
even for merely a minute, you're freak!!!

Snap 1

Snap 2

Snap 3