Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dinner @ Purple Cane

Dinner with relatives from Singapore. I was bloody stressed because I was still munching the chemistry book. And it certainly tastes aweful. Gosh, spent whole night for dinner and then paid visit to their room at Berjaya Timesquare Hotel (chit chat session for the old ones). Hmm very nice ler.

Mummy and sis accompanied them for shopping in the afternoon. I didn't follow along, reason stated above, EXAM!!! Something weird striked me anyway. Usually I would be very glad whenever I heard sis bought something. But this time, a total different reaction from me. I was shocked that they spend a lot for the handbags. Sis bought one from Elle which I think it is so so, while mummy bought one from SPBRC. Haha I bet most of you have never heard bout this brand. So do I. But I finally get to know after a while that its actually one kind of Polo's. But still, I think that's a waste! I've realise how important it is to save money now, thanks to someone.

We brought them to Purple Cane since it's just a stone thrown away from Timesquare. We used to eat there but this time, the meal was such a disaster for me. Ahem, the foods are teribble in another word. Will show you the pics later. Bet they won't please your appetite. Thanks anyway to daddy for the treat. =P



While waiting for the dinner


Mummy and daddy

Me posing in some kind of horse exhibition?
I've no idea what it is all about
Was in real rushing in taking these photos

Princess Casley with the golden horse
Hmm where's my white horse prince? XD


Mirror~ my best friend for camwhore

Never sick of camwhoring ><

With another camwhore

My cousin, Mark

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