Friday, June 5, 2009


This is a post about our mother Earth before I say any further. We as earthling, should pay more attention on this very current issue. If you have no idea what this HOME movie is, shame on you. So be alert my friends!!!

I do perceive massive change happening around us. How far can you still remember the weather when we were still very little? Was the weather as hot as it is right now? I've never bath so much in my daily life till now. I bath more or less 5 times a day!!! (Not exaggerate at all when you stay at home whole day.)

This is more than just a movie, HOME is a major event all over the globe. For the first time ever, a film released on the same day in 50 countries and on every formal: movie theatres, TV, DVD and Internet. (In our country~ it's 2315 at 8tv.)
Note: Bear with my informations below. They're what I get from this movie. Don't blame for any mistakes I made kay? If I did, please correct me instead. Thanks.

Mind you the photos that I taken in HOME below are used to convey(by me) the messages based on the movie, not EXACTLY what the host is saying in the movie.

Guess what is this? Volcano!!! Nice ler?

Amazon rainforest has reduced about 20% in merely 40 years
Damn the deforestation~
(Don't be silly, this is not Amazon forest =P)

We're facing overpopulation matter.
Since 1950, our population is tripled.
Hmm yeah, I can see this.
I see more and more 'pigs' around me. ><

On the other side,
one quarter of the living organisms are threatened to extinction.

Death River has decreased in level, as much as 1 metre per year.

Stop the open burning.
Carbon dioxide emission upsets the earth!!!

One of the alternative energy sources: wind energy

Sun energy as another alternative

There are many more but I don't think I manage to write all that here in my blog(though I had jot down the infos in HOME). I don't really wanna bored my readers. I understand not everyone is interesting in this kind of stuff. So, stay tuned for more interesting posts coming up. =P

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