Friday, June 26, 2009


My closed friends would have known that I wanted to gain weight badly. Of course, no one opposes to this very desperate thought. All agree that I'm under weight and I'd look better with MORE FAT. Hehe the main point I wana gain fat is of course to look better lah. LOL!!!

This is very normal I can say. As you can see, many gals always complain that they look chubby in the photo. And I'm here, having the same problem, just that I want the opposite effect which is to look fatter.

How to gain weight? Damn it~
Okay, I'll try some 'forbidden' foods which gals are quite reluctant to have them if they're dieting. I'm more in worry that I'm not determined enough?

Junk food
I don't really enjoy eating junk foods
but I do think it'll be quite useful

CHEESE!!! ==
Haha I never eat a whole piece of cheese
And now I'm taking it for gain weight purpose
This is my mum's suggestion actually ><

Hehe my favourite~ Chocolate
This would be the best method for a chocoholic like me
My favourite isnt here
Chocolates from Uk taste better?


L1nG L1nG said...

I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!!! and I am not determined at all =P How good if I can lose a couple of kilogrammes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chocolates from Uk taste better? I am not too sure but I will bring you some when I back to Malaysia again k?

Take care Pretty!!!

theng said...

hw bout me? i wan chocolates from uk oso..=.=

L1nG L1nG said...

Hi Yoke Theng! Were you talking to me? ahahhaha... i just wondering when was the last time we see each other?

I am sure there will be chances for all of us to meet up!!! Depends if you are willing to =P

Casley said...

thengtheng love chocolate too huh?
hehe then we're chocoholic here.. ^^

Casley said...

haha same case here.. not determined enough..

*copy n paste n MODIFY*
How good if I can GAIN a couple of kilogrammes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope u can see me gain weight n i see u lose weight the next time we meet again.. ^^

yaya, colin brought some chocolate from UK that time.. taste reli nice.. XD

take care too sweetie~ <3