Sunday, June 28, 2009


Was very surprised to hear Michael Jackson's death from Chenkun during Bio lecture. Ahem, I'm not a huge fan of MJ, but undeniable I do think he's indeed King of Pop and a great dancer. I was so impressed to watch his concert (which was around 10 years ago?) at 8tv. Gosh he can really dance. His moonwalker~ Wow!!! Speechless~ And guess what, the ending in his concert impresssed me the most and I dun think there's other celebrities would actually do the same thing like this. He flew away from the arena in spacesuit. Just like astronaut. No kidding man. And it happened 10 years ago. Too exaggerate eh~ People who did watched this would have understand me utterly.

A skin disease which causes him to 'drown' in the plastic surgery issue
That's how gossips kill people right?
I know how's that feel,
somemore misunderstood by the whole world~ Pity MJ

He has(had) so many symbols that when you see a certain pose, the first comes to your mind would be MJ. Cool huh? That's his success I can say. Let's look at some of his icons.

Moonwalking~ definitely the most remarkable icon for MJ

Toe stand

Closer shot of toe stand

Touching his private part while dancing ><

Posing with his hat

The dance in Triller
You can actually spot his dance in quite a number of western movie
I actually know this dance from the movie '13 going on 30' by Jennifer Garner

Yeah let's share his Triller here. I'm not going to post the REAL thriller MV by MJ, cause it's too longwinded for me. So I instead present you here with Triller dance in '13 going on 30'. Check this out. ^^

Please excuse for the front part

Anyhow, many people are doubting his death now. Could it be a murder case? No idea. But sure there's lots of businessman or fans utilising his death to earn money by putting his belongings on auction etc. What a pathetic.

To the legend that left us. RIP~


Anonymous said...

MJ, my idol!

Casley said...

gah, dun put anonymous lah.. though i knwo who u're.. =P