Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sam's Bday @ Quattro

20One word for quattro~ AWESOME!!!

Hehe finally got chance to go there. You know, I don't really have this kind of chance to go clubbing. Thanks to mummy and daddy to let me have some fun tonight. =P Well, it's far more nice and fun compare to other clubs. The music and DJ here are undeniably jeang. Thumbs up!!!

Happy Birthday to Sam ^^

Gah the light is too bright

Look at Kenny
So excited to be with a hot chick =P

Kenny + Henry

Kenny and I

Henry + Casley

Me with the lengluis

Dance dance dance
Fun fun fun

Look at the crowd
Luckily we did the reservation,
or else I'm going to stand and
sandwiched in the crowd ><

Without the flash

Henry is having some drink which I can't recall what is it ><

It serves together with salt and lemon

Inside the winter bar
Freezing like hell

Acting like no rasa saja XD
You should see how we look like
when the camera isn't focus on us

Sitting on the ICE chair!!!
Bloody cold *shake*

Snap the picha, quick!!!
I want get out of here!!!

Mind you, -12°C!!!

Warm up ourselves with camwhoring session =P

If you don't feel any cold inside the winter bar
even for merely a minute, you're freak!!!

Snap 1

Snap 2

Snap 3


L1nG L1nG said...

Pretty, you look great and gorgeous!!!

I am still waiting for the update of your birthday =P


Casley said...

thx thx.. i hope i look fine.. as i dont look photogenic in these photos this time.. ><

yaya, i cant wait to post bout my bday.. i did enjoy it to max.. its absolutely a blast.. stay tuned ya, sweetie.. miss u.. =P

theng said...

ching,i like ur white dress..
when i saw it,i fel wana go shopping wif u again..