Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ban Mee at Desa

What the hell is going on????
Something BIG is happening?
Look at Ah ma, covering her ears. So cute!!! =P
While Vene and Veeler are busy taking photos.









LOL. I mean…. We’re actually playing UNO!!!
Sweat huh? It’s really fun when you play it with a bunch of friends once a while.

We went for lunch at desa setapak. A noodle house, I’ve forgotten the name. The foods serve here are mainly Ban Mee. Ahem, for those who knows me well (or read my blog), you know that I only eat Ban Mee which sold at Petaling Street. Don’t ask me why, I just like the Ban Mee there. Well, since everyone’s ordering one, I have to FORCE myself to get one. I TRIED, really. But it sucks. Sorry to say so, maybe I should order another type of Ban Mee. I enjoy UNO more. LOL.

Looks good, but not my fancy though.
Not to mention the chocolate ice blended here.
It is worse than the noodle!!! Another wrong order for me.

The deco is quite good

Yuyu- Yeeyan

Seem like ah ma didn’t really enjoy UNO huh? LOL!!!

Scare scare oh~

Mummy, Da Jie, Mei Mei, Miao Miao = =

Look at papa, our superman here. LOL!!!

Let me introduce you the PRO uno player here~ SeiEe
She’ll surprise you with her tricks playing UNO

She never hesitate to choose the block
She flipped the block in a second and successful!!!

Haha still remember how all of us WOW to see her play

The noob me playing ><

Nice pic, like it

The gals~ posing with UNO cards

Psycho Family!!! ^^

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Princess Melanie

A short post~ Happy birthday to the another princess in KOH family, the unofficial one. Hahahaha~ *evil Casley*

Mel was too busy to celebrate with her friends and colleagues. She had even more cakes than me. 8 cakes!!! Gosh older people have more cakes? Being so sarcastic lately. LOL.

SR Chocolate Indulgence

We didn’t really celebrate her birthday as she’s too busy celebrate with her colleagues and friends. Anyway, mummy and I somehow still bought her a cake (though we can’t finish it at last, what a waste).

Happy birthday to JieJie
Muacksssssss~ ^^

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sing K with coursemates

Went to Sing k after class (nope we actually skipped an hour class for this =X). First time sing k with coursemates. Have no idea they like to sing so much. Birthday celebrations for albert, SooLeen and Veeler. Haha their birthday passed longggg time ago when we had exam. Yet, we still celebrate birthday for each of our MEMBER OF PSYCHO FAMILY(we even have our own PHYSCHO blog!!! A dead blog though xD).

Condom for the microphone =X

Ling, veeler, me, SooLene

Veeler, Albert and I~ keep singing for the rocks!!! Oh yeah!!! The funniest part was when it came to Pokerface by Lady Gaga. Veeler has a new unique technique for singing Pokerface. Too bad I didn’t manage to record it. All of us Laughed till burst!!!

Psycho family- Yeeyan and SeiEe are missing here

Jervene, Puisan, Veeler(3 sis~ er jie, xiao mei, da jie)

Albert (our baba in family) looks so shy ^^

Happy belated birthday to SooLeen, Albert n VeeLer

We're Psycho Family!!! ^^

Chocolate cake~ yum yum


Having severe sorethroat actually. Yet I still keep singing, princess Casley enjoys sing k too much. LOL!!! We sang since 1pm. And guess what happened? Since it s weekday, no much customers~ no worker actually shoo us off. Haha of course, we just pretend we have forgotten the time and stay in the room as long as we can. Hours and hours have passed. YET, still no one shoo us off!!! And FINALLY, we sing to ‘death’, really can’t tahan. First time we managed to sing all of our favourite songs and even repeat singing them!! We have been singing for more than 7 hours non-stop!!!!

Look at my watch, its 2030 when we stepped out from the room

My sorethroat got even WORSE after this
Strepsils needed badly~
got it straightaway from the store

Camwhores =P

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Thye!!!

Happy 21st Birthday to Thye~

I was surprised to receive Thye’s text when I was studying for the exam next day. Thought he was suppose to have some celebration out there since I asked him days before. I really hate people get upset especially on their birthdays. So I decided to surprise him though it’s kinda late. I bought a cake to his house without noticing him. ( I was so in rush as I worry the cake house is going to close). No BIG and valuable present, just a mini cake that merely enough for us. But I somehow hope he can feels some gratitude.

The LATE mini cake by STINGY Casley xD

Gah don’t act cool in front of me ><

When acting cool fails =P

Birthday-wishing? Or connecting with some aliens out there? xD

Thye, my bro~ we have known each other since primary 3. Hehe~ I stil remember Thye was transferred from another class. A new friend who sat behind me. Our conversation started when I bought a digital watch, something like baby G (but I can’t remember ><). The noob Casley doesn’t know how to set the time thingimajig and here it comes, Thye taught me everything. It’s a small matter, but I remember who helped me. xD

Haha for Thye who’s reading this, you must be surprise I still remember how u taught me(or you don’t even remember this huh?)!!! Anyway, FREINDSHIP FOREVER, my bro!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Egg tart?

Guess what’s this?

Yes, it’s a handphone’s hanging. You won’t notice it’s distinction until you SMELL it. It looks like an egg tart from appearance and it really smells like a real one. I wonder whether it will attracts some kinds of insects, especially ANTS. LOL~

Anyway, it's getting more and more common right now.

The owner of egg tart~ my art student She’s so cute Can hardly see her eyes XD

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ooi and Shiang

Well, I know it's very late to post this. Ooi's birthday is on 28 May and Shiang's on 27 June. I'm a terrible blogger I know. I just can't have our photos post here as something wrong with my hardisk results in losing all the photos inside!!! I can only manage to get picture of Ooi and Shiang in my rotten pendrive which I haven't touch for ages. ><

Love you guys!!! <3

Happy birthday once again, my darlings.
Friendship forever!!! Muacks!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gathering @ KLCC

Here we go, another U6SB gathering after the MINI gathering at McD last week. Yeah we love gathering. It's now gathering season since most of us are having holidays and those study out-station are back to KL. Miss you guys!!!

We watched Ice Age Premium (no cheaper tickets though it's Wed ><). Thanks to Yeenmei that managed to get us some very great seats at the last minute. Ice Age 3~ Dawn of the Dinosaurs is so hilarious, laughed from the very beginning till the end. I guess Scrat and Scratte(the female) attract us the most huh? It was damn funny when they fall in love, fly here and there. can't believe Scrat would actually chose to focus on Scratte instead of his precious acorn. Anyway Scrat was then agve on her and attempted to leave her underground with the acorn. Too bad, the acorn was back into Scratte's hand when piece of ice falls on him as he's enjoying with acorn. And this is how he lost both of his love and acorn. Hahaha~ Enjoy it very much. Thumbs up!!!

We had our dinner at A&W. Yeah we did took a long time in deciding where to eat and which set to order. Sweat~ Chit chat as though we were at the market. And of course, we camwhored as though we are the top models. ><

Camwhore inside the elevator

Puitheng, Huoyying, Keehui and Waihong

Pik Boon and I

Yeenmei is missing here

All of us

Keehui insisted to take pic with the fries ><

Look shy ><

The slowest 'scavenger couple'
He takes longer than me in eating LOL!!!
This is how he always laugh~ XD

The smart and hardworking gang
Jinli, Hongying and Keehui

Gals~ Take 1

Take 2

Take 3 (we people ar, never tired of taking photo ><)

Take 4 (at least we changed the background k? XD)

Take 5 (Malaysia's Next Top Model = =)

The gays (Oops, guys)

Huoyying hugging me ^^

The president + class rep

Keehui and Pikboon were posing as the couple in 恶作剧之吻
湘琴 + 直树

Me joining in for fun XD
Creative pose from Pikboon

Hongying and Waihong

Waihong + Yeenmei

Steph + Casley

Huoyying and Waihong

Oh yeah, we're back into the camwhore craziness
Take 6!!!

All of us fitting in, making it TAKE 7!!! Hahaha~

Well, that's not enough. We haf our next round at Steven's corner. Yamcha, yamcha!!! We never have our topics end. Too much to talk about. It's a very tiring day indeed. Looking forward to the gathering next sem. Till then peeps~