Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gathering @ KLCC

Here we go, another U6SB gathering after the MINI gathering at McD last week. Yeah we love gathering. It's now gathering season since most of us are having holidays and those study out-station are back to KL. Miss you guys!!!

We watched Ice Age Premium (no cheaper tickets though it's Wed ><). Thanks to Yeenmei that managed to get us some very great seats at the last minute. Ice Age 3~ Dawn of the Dinosaurs is so hilarious, laughed from the very beginning till the end. I guess Scrat and Scratte(the female) attract us the most huh? It was damn funny when they fall in love, fly here and there. can't believe Scrat would actually chose to focus on Scratte instead of his precious acorn. Anyway Scrat was then agve on her and attempted to leave her underground with the acorn. Too bad, the acorn was back into Scratte's hand when piece of ice falls on him as he's enjoying with acorn. And this is how he lost both of his love and acorn. Hahaha~ Enjoy it very much. Thumbs up!!!

We had our dinner at A&W. Yeah we did took a long time in deciding where to eat and which set to order. Sweat~ Chit chat as though we were at the market. And of course, we camwhored as though we are the top models. ><

Camwhore inside the elevator

Puitheng, Huoyying, Keehui and Waihong

Pik Boon and I

Yeenmei is missing here

All of us

Keehui insisted to take pic with the fries ><

Look shy ><

The slowest 'scavenger couple'
He takes longer than me in eating LOL!!!
This is how he always laugh~ XD

The smart and hardworking gang
Jinli, Hongying and Keehui

Gals~ Take 1

Take 2

Take 3 (we people ar, never tired of taking photo ><)

Take 4 (at least we changed the background k? XD)

Take 5 (Malaysia's Next Top Model = =)

The gays (Oops, guys)

Huoyying hugging me ^^

The president + class rep

Keehui and Pikboon were posing as the couple in 恶作剧之吻
湘琴 + 直树

Me joining in for fun XD
Creative pose from Pikboon

Hongying and Waihong

Waihong + Yeenmei

Steph + Casley

Huoyying and Waihong

Oh yeah, we're back into the camwhore craziness
Take 6!!!

All of us fitting in, making it TAKE 7!!! Hahaha~

Well, that's not enough. We haf our next round at Steven's corner. Yamcha, yamcha!!! We never have our topics end. Too much to talk about. It's a very tiring day indeed. Looking forward to the gathering next sem. Till then peeps~


L1nG L1nG said...

Hey Pretty!!! Long time no see!!! Miss you a lot ^^

Glad to see your updates again!!! Also not to forget to tell you that you grow prettier day by day and you look gorgeous in ur new hair colour! The yellow blouse fit you perfectly and you look so nice!!!

Looking forward to your next post!!! Keep in touch ^^

Casley said...

yaya, long time din chat with u sweetie.. i seldom get to online lately.. miss u so much!!! ^^

its been a very long time since my last updates.. get so many complains form friends.. ><

i like that blouse much too.. yeah keep in touch.. Muacks!!! =P