Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Thye!!!

Happy 21st Birthday to Thye~

I was surprised to receive Thye’s text when I was studying for the exam next day. Thought he was suppose to have some celebration out there since I asked him days before. I really hate people get upset especially on their birthdays. So I decided to surprise him though it’s kinda late. I bought a cake to his house without noticing him. ( I was so in rush as I worry the cake house is going to close). No BIG and valuable present, just a mini cake that merely enough for us. But I somehow hope he can feels some gratitude.

The LATE mini cake by STINGY Casley xD

Gah don’t act cool in front of me ><

When acting cool fails =P

Birthday-wishing? Or connecting with some aliens out there? xD

Thye, my bro~ we have known each other since primary 3. Hehe~ I stil remember Thye was transferred from another class. A new friend who sat behind me. Our conversation started when I bought a digital watch, something like baby G (but I can’t remember ><). The noob Casley doesn’t know how to set the time thingimajig and here it comes, Thye taught me everything. It’s a small matter, but I remember who helped me. xD

Haha for Thye who’s reading this, you must be surprise I still remember how u taught me(or you don’t even remember this huh?)!!! Anyway, FREINDSHIP FOREVER, my bro!!!


Damson said...

Yeah, I am a lil bit of suprised, and ofcoz there are gratitudes no worries...And DID I REALLY TEACHED YOU THAT? matters because you remembered that and I remembered you so thats more than enough eh...though its kinda late to read this late late late late post but still....THANKS CHING!

Casley said...


sorry for the uber late post.. hehe.. n u're most welcome.. =P