Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Princess Melanie

A short post~ Happy birthday to the another princess in KOH family, the unofficial one. Hahahaha~ *evil Casley*

Mel was too busy to celebrate with her friends and colleagues. She had even more cakes than me. 8 cakes!!! Gosh older people have more cakes? Being so sarcastic lately. LOL.

SR Chocolate Indulgence

We didn’t really celebrate her birthday as she’s too busy celebrate with her colleagues and friends. Anyway, mummy and I somehow still bought her a cake (though we can’t finish it at last, what a waste).

Happy birthday to JieJie
Muacksssssss~ ^^


sweet_cherry said...

next time giv me,i help u finish..=P

Casley said...

haha sure sure.. no problem, theng.. ^^