Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sing K with coursemates

Went to Sing k after class (nope we actually skipped an hour class for this =X). First time sing k with coursemates. Have no idea they like to sing so much. Birthday celebrations for albert, SooLeen and Veeler. Haha their birthday passed longggg time ago when we had exam. Yet, we still celebrate birthday for each of our MEMBER OF PSYCHO FAMILY(we even have our own PHYSCHO blog!!! A dead blog though xD).

Condom for the microphone =X

Ling, veeler, me, SooLene

Veeler, Albert and I~ keep singing for the rocks!!! Oh yeah!!! The funniest part was when it came to Pokerface by Lady Gaga. Veeler has a new unique technique for singing Pokerface. Too bad I didn’t manage to record it. All of us Laughed till burst!!!

Psycho family- Yeeyan and SeiEe are missing here

Jervene, Puisan, Veeler(3 sis~ er jie, xiao mei, da jie)

Albert (our baba in family) looks so shy ^^

Happy belated birthday to SooLeen, Albert n VeeLer

We're Psycho Family!!! ^^

Chocolate cake~ yum yum


Having severe sorethroat actually. Yet I still keep singing, princess Casley enjoys sing k too much. LOL!!! We sang since 1pm. And guess what happened? Since it s weekday, no much customers~ no worker actually shoo us off. Haha of course, we just pretend we have forgotten the time and stay in the room as long as we can. Hours and hours have passed. YET, still no one shoo us off!!! And FINALLY, we sing to ‘death’, really can’t tahan. First time we managed to sing all of our favourite songs and even repeat singing them!! We have been singing for more than 7 hours non-stop!!!!

Look at my watch, its 2030 when we stepped out from the room

My sorethroat got even WORSE after this
Strepsils needed badly~
got it straightaway from the store

Camwhores =P


L1nG L1nG said...

Finally a new post!

I miss our karaoke session ^^ Did you sing your favourite "First Love"? I am sure your coursemates will be very impressed!

Casley said...

hahaha yay finally i update.. ><

hmm yeah.. but no response wor.. hahaha maybe coz all of us are singing together? LOL..

L1nG L1nG said...

What a pity! Next time make sure you have your solo session, k?

The karaoke here is sooooo expensive! Argh, wish I can go to sing karaoke again! haha =D