Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sing K with Sharon and Jacklyn

Went to The Gardens, Midvalley with Sharon, Austin and Jacklyn. A great day with sing k session. It's been so long since I last met Jac. We're all still skinny like before. LOL~

Camwhore inside the ladies =P

The never-non-stop camwhore princess ><

Sharon and Jacklyn

2 sapo




Friendship Forever~


Sharon and Jacklyn

Back to the room, and camwhore again!!! xD

Our buffet lunch

Cupcakes, yummm~

Dropped by Nokia outlet

We went to Tan Cha Wu (near Leisure Mall, Cheras) for dinner. Hmm I don't fancy steamboat normally, but this time, it's different. The steamboat here taste really nice. Even someone that NEVER eat tomyam likes the tomyam soup here. I'm kinda addicted. Thumbs up!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dinner after Redbliss

Went to Redbliss to have our Family Photo. Sadly, I’m not photogenic enough in the picture. =(

Daddy on the GIANT chair ^^

Me and mummy

Went for dinner and guess who I met? Monday, the actor who hold the character of Ye Lang, 叶朗 in the Romantic Delicacies- 美食厨师男. LOL. He looks better in real person honestly. And he’s very fair!!!

Ah Ye Hokkien Mee~

Casley + Monday

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Yes yes yes!!! It’s Japanese food again. Whoohoo~ This Janpanese restaurant is recommended since the foods there are nice and yet quite cheap and affordable. *Though I still prefer Kirishima.

Like the Japanese deco which I can put
my legs comfortably instead of crossing my legs

Take 1~ While waiting for my meal

Take 2

Take 3 with mummy

Logotype of Hajime~ Puffer fish

Whoo, I love miso soup~ Oh yeah


Does it make you drool? ^^

Tempura set


Hungry ghosts

Wasabi ice-cream~ = =
Definitely not for me

Hajime, will drop by again~

Taken when visiting some show house

Monday, August 17, 2009


Someone brought me a SHOCK news via msn when I online in library. Yeah I know I’m suppose to study in library, but I just can’t resist to bring along my laptop to college since I can’t online at home. I was stunned to hear the news and feel really HURT. Made me almost cry inside the library. Someone you trusted so much that betrayed and lied to you. It’s hard to forgive and forget I have to say.

Anyway, Hwan actually called me for more than 4 hours!!! Yeah my mum wonders whether it’s free of charge to call out in New Zealand. The line wasn’t that good since our conversations kept being cut off. Luckily, hwan never lost his temper. He recall me more than 15 times (or even more)!!!

Studying alone abroad really isn’t an easy task. Somemore this guy went there alone without even make some friends who also come from Malaysia earlier. Don’t know how he survives. LOL. Anyway, thanks to his call that really cheer me up. Thanks for always being there for me when I’m in bad mood.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dream of Ricky~

He was smiling at me in the dream. Don’t ask me how a dog smiles. I just feel that he’s smiling at me. But in the dream, I know he was gone and I’m very sad in the dream. I really worry about him though he was gone. Wondering how is he doing in another ‘world’. Haha I’m superstitious I admit. Reluctant to wake up from dream. Anyway, I’m happy to have you in my dream. Love you. RIP~

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Congrats to Princess Melanie

Woke up early in the morning to attend Melanie’s Master Convo at Universiti Malaya. It was very crowded that day. Hardly find parking there. Somemore have to walk a distance to the main hall wearing high heel. Swt~

Annoyed with something. Dress code written in the invitation card ~ formal. Yet, some people still wear short pants and even FLIP-FLOP!!! Grr, respect lah dudes. Its convocation. At least show some respect to your beloved daughter or son.

Boring opening. Haha~ Keep camwhoring there. =X

Inside the graduation hall

Sis with her coursmates

Camwhore while waiting for the ceremony =P


Family Koh

With Aunt Belinda and Uncle Patrick

Proud of you sis~ Muacks!!

Benjamin and Melanie

Camwhore again

Cute mummy waving to the readers xD

Lunch at The gardens, Midvalley. The foods are nice and surprisingly, its very cheap as well. Cost only Rm200 for 6 of us. =P

Me me me!!!

HUNT for good restaurant
Touch-screen directory in the Gardens~ Thumbs up~

I’m not focusing on Mel and Ben.
Instead, I’m focusing on the RED BOX. I wanna sing k!!!
Too bad, my family rejected me. =(

Some of the nice foods