Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Congrats to Princess Melanie

Woke up early in the morning to attend Melanie’s Master Convo at Universiti Malaya. It was very crowded that day. Hardly find parking there. Somemore have to walk a distance to the main hall wearing high heel. Swt~

Annoyed with something. Dress code written in the invitation card ~ formal. Yet, some people still wear short pants and even FLIP-FLOP!!! Grr, respect lah dudes. Its convocation. At least show some respect to your beloved daughter or son.

Boring opening. Haha~ Keep camwhoring there. =X

Inside the graduation hall

Sis with her coursmates

Camwhore while waiting for the ceremony =P


Family Koh

With Aunt Belinda and Uncle Patrick

Proud of you sis~ Muacks!!

Benjamin and Melanie

Camwhore again

Cute mummy waving to the readers xD

Lunch at The gardens, Midvalley. The foods are nice and surprisingly, its very cheap as well. Cost only Rm200 for 6 of us. =P

Me me me!!!

HUNT for good restaurant
Touch-screen directory in the Gardens~ Thumbs up~

I’m not focusing on Mel and Ben.
Instead, I’m focusing on the RED BOX. I wanna sing k!!!
Too bad, my family rejected me. =(

Some of the nice foods



L1nG L1nG said...

Congratz to Princess Melanie!!! And.. Once again, Princess Casley looks gorgeous in the dress! I can't stop myself from staring your photos =P

Sharon Ng said...

Congrats to ur sis!!!
Hehe i thought she already working since my last visit to ur house??

Casley said...

hahaha thx so much, u're making me fly up high to sky, ling.. i juz fall in love with dress lately.. going to buy more n more.. xD

Casley said...

thx sharon.. my sis was working while studying her master at the same time.. it's very tough.. to see her back home so late at night after uni.. and then back to work again early in the morning next day.. > <

L1nG L1nG said...

You are the most welcomed! Pretty like you deserve lots and lots compliments!

Yeah, you look GREAT in dress! You never know how much I envy you =P

Sharon Ng said...

Wow, i see. Should give her a big applause eh..
It must be very tough, working is really tiring and studying at the same time must be very stressful..