Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dinner after Redbliss

Went to Redbliss to have our Family Photo. Sadly, I’m not photogenic enough in the picture. =(

Daddy on the GIANT chair ^^

Me and mummy

Went for dinner and guess who I met? Monday, the actor who hold the character of Ye Lang, 叶朗 in the Romantic Delicacies- 美食厨师男. LOL. He looks better in real person honestly. And he’s very fair!!!

Ah Ye Hokkien Mee~

Casley + Monday


L1nG L1nG said...

If this is not photogenic then I don't know who is photogenic already!

Princess Casley looks very pretty and elegant in the dress!!! Phew witt~~~

Casley said...

hahaha.. i really like the dress.. white n pink, nice combination.. ^^

hmm i really look not good in the family photo.. daddy, mummy, and sis look great.. but not me!!! argh.. i hate my braces.. =(

L1nG L1nG said...

Yeah I agree. White and pink make the best combination =)

But I don't agree to the latter part. No matter how much you think how 'not good looking' you are in the family photo (which is not true), I am sure you still look great =)