Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sing K with Sharon and Jacklyn

Went to The Gardens, Midvalley with Sharon, Austin and Jacklyn. A great day with sing k session. It's been so long since I last met Jac. We're all still skinny like before. LOL~

Camwhore inside the ladies =P

The never-non-stop camwhore princess ><

Sharon and Jacklyn

2 sapo




Friendship Forever~


Sharon and Jacklyn

Back to the room, and camwhore again!!! xD

Our buffet lunch

Cupcakes, yummm~

Dropped by Nokia outlet

We went to Tan Cha Wu (near Leisure Mall, Cheras) for dinner. Hmm I don't fancy steamboat normally, but this time, it's different. The steamboat here taste really nice. Even someone that NEVER eat tomyam likes the tomyam soup here. I'm kinda addicted. Thumbs up!!!


Sharon Ng said...

Hehe we really have a great time together!!
I do appreciate every single moments we spent that day ^^
Duno when u'll have chance to come Leisure Mall again??or we shall plan for outing again =p

Casley said...

Hahaha.. thx lingling.. we all need to gain weight.. so can look even better.. sigh when r u going to come back? i think of u everytime when go sing k..

Casley said...

Yeah sapo, we did enjoyed ourseleves very much.. hmm how bout weekend? but u need to work.. coz i want bring him go eat the steamboat at ur place.. LOL..

L1nG L1nG said...

Haha.. I am more than happy to spare some weights for u =P btw, I am an experienced weight gain consultant, please feel free to seek advice from me if you seriously need a weight gain. Haha =D

I am going back to Malaysia in eight months' time! Can't wait!!!

Sharon Ng said...

hehe great!!
i'd been very long not seeing him ady also..
sms and let me know ya..
u wanna come at nignt??i did work on every weekend, but sometime got shift la..^^