Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to LingLing!!!

Happy Birthday to LingLing

Alright, as you can see from the above title, this is going to be a post for LingLing!!! A very very LATE post about her birthday. Very SORRY for that.

Let me describe this sweetie for a little. I met her in Form 1 when our classes are very nearby, she was in Form 2 at that time. This girl has always keep her very long hair until now. I never see her in short hair. Once you know her, you will know how SMART she is. I bet you'll know very well after you see the pics below. (Hope LingLing won't mind I copy the pics without noticing you. Thought of giving you a little surprise. LOL!!!)

Let's see all her AWARDS in these 3 years~
So envious!!!

(Feb 2009)~ her first award by Cass Business School
Can you see her name on the screen?

Second award~ granted by City Unversity London

Third Award~ Best of Second Year

First Year Best Student Certificate (top) ♥
♥ Second Year Best Student Certificate (bottom) ♥

Fourth Award with lecturer's nomination to university
OMG she must be the apple of lecturer's eye

She amazes me everytime when I read her posts of her awards. You know, it's not easy to survive while studying abroad. And it's even MORE DIFFICULT to be the BEST STUDENT!!! I always say to her that how I wish to have even 10% of her, yet she's very humble, VERY.

Not many pictures of us that I have. My hardisk is gone for burton somemore. Luckily I still have our photo stickers with me. Sweet memory. Whee~

♥ Ling and Ching ♥


We look almost invisible due to our fair skin

Friendship Forever

We're in LOVE~ LOL~

Just wanna say I'm very proud of you. We are of the same kind, I'm happy that we can share everything together. Thanks for being my listener (thanks for letting me as your listener as well). And also, thanks for keep supporting my blog. Hahaha~ Last but not least, I wish you HAPPY ALWAYS.

Made this specially for Lingling
~ Disney Mickey and PINK lover
(Hope you'll like it!!! ^^)

Happy Birthday to LingLing

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hari Raya

Since there are quite a number of malays living in my neighbourhood, I got the chance to have lots of yummy Malay foods during Hari Raya for FREE!!! Well, usually they will bring us the foods on the first day of their new year. And of course, the foods shown below aren't just from one family. The foods were brought to us by different families living nearby. See how good are our bonds? Hmm not really. But enough to say we did what the Prime Minister urged, ONE MALAYSIA!!! I'm not that supportive all the time though.

Rice + Rendang + I-Dunno

Rice cubes + Rendang + Ketupat

Excuse me for not knowing the names. I don't usually eat those foods since I don't fancy any spicy foods. Anyway, it doesn't matter at all since my favourite isn't about the rendang. It's the COOKIES I love the most. Hahaha~ Though I prefer the cookies in the past years.

They're great in baking

The pineapple tarts~ not really nice =X

Cookies together with some snacks

Thursday, September 17, 2009

FFS @ Starbucks, Pavillion

Received a text from Kenny. Asking me to go online. And straightaway I said yes. LOL~ What for? It’s all because Friends for sale. FYI, Friends for sale is one of the applications which you can find in facebook. I’m really addicted in this application which I spent lotsa time here, even during exam. What a shame. ><
Kenny with his new lappie

Sad case, he lost his laptop as he placed his laptop inside his car. So guys, never ever put your valuable belongings such as laptop inside your car. They can still 'smell' it though you hide it or cover it with something else. Learn from the mistake. Otherwise you’ll need to get a new lappie and get your car glass replaced. =(

Mocha for me, vanilla for him

It sounds weird as we can online any place where there’s wifi service provided. Anyway Kenny brought me to Starbucks at Pavillion. I'm kinda bored of going Starbucks for online, reminding me how pathetic I was when I didn't have internet at home a few years back. I actually went to the nearby Starbucks almost everyday, alone. And yeah, I was broke because of the coffee. No shopping nor movies. Just Friends for Sale.

Not really in the mood to take pics
Gotta focus in FFS

Guess what, we stayed there from afternoon till 9.30 at night. Crazed for FFS. Lifeless you can say.

Take 1 with Kenny

Take 2

Taken for fun

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Daddy!!!

As you can seen from the title above.... It's my dad's 52nd birthday!!! Hereby wish him all the best, BEST!!!

We had this a very happening and fun birthday in a private room of a restaurant. Loved ones- relatives and friends were invited.

Daddy's birthday cake
Thanks to his workers for this BIG yummy cake ^^

With my little cousin sis before the dinner started

Let's see what my dad's workers brought him
Beer!!! Hmm...

Besides that, we have red wines and white wines as well. The wines taste real good. We had Brown Borthers, Moscato (leftS in the pic below) ~ whites and Wyndham Estate, Cabernet Merlot ~ reds.

Finished the wines in an instant
Just right after we started our dinner

Daddy 'yam seng' with his workers
All seem to be very excited

While me camwhore with cousin sis, Joanne and Leanne

The princess-sisters, never forget to camwhore on this BIG day ^^

And also, the most important~ Mummy and Daddy

The meal was simply divine~
I make them all in one pic since
I'm kinda lazy to wait for uploading so many pics

Well, if you think that's all for the beers and wines, you're so wrong. We had liquors as well. I don't have chance to have a taste of it anyway.

Camus VSOP Elegance
Bronze Medal Winner, San Fransisco Competition 2007
I only know about this long after the dinner ><

I've no idea there's so many kinds of HARD drinks tonight and we actually got whisky AS WELL. Swt~ I kinda like the bottle, makes it collectable. Nice gift from Scotland.

Old St. Andrews, Clubhouse
Very distinctive I have to say

Well, some are missing in this pic
While Aunt Belinda and his hubby are in Perth at the moment

Family + Friends

Daddy and his workers

Here is a short video with a very longgg Happy Birthday song to share. It was a very fun night. And again, Happy Birthday to daddy though he wouldn't be reading my blog. xD

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sing K + Movie

Yes, I went to sing k again. Princess Casley's never tired of karaoke. Went to RedBox and I enjoy the student price a lot. RM 9, so cheap!!!

Jervene n I

Camwhore inside restroom

I do really enjoy sing k with my coursemates as they sing almost all genres of song, from the soft to the rock ones.

Albert, loves Bon Jovi- It’s My Life

Veeler, Albert and I –
Happily, crazily sing for New Divide from Linkin Park

They look so still as they found me with camera focusing them
Guys, you should show the wild sides here, W-I-L-D!!!

My favourite is from Pink~ So What. I love this song since the first time I watched it on Youtube. Like the MV and I think it's very cool. Used to dance like a freak when I play this song inside my room.

Eling and Jervene

Albert bought us some snacks from Korea, whee~

Albert~ posing with one of the snacks

After sing k session, we went to watch Laughing Gor- Turning Point.

I don't really enjoy watching Cantonese movies. You know, my Cantonese is damn terrible and it’s a NO NO to Hong Kong drama. But after I got HIGH recommendations from my coursemates on the HK drama series- E.U (Emergency Unit), I found that it isn’t that bad afterall. So I decided to give a try for the movie version. And great, it didn’t let me down.

Yeeyan was initially not dare to take pic with the poster
So I decided to accompany her

Yuyu loves laughing gor so much
She crazed for him

Whoo~ my hair look so brown here

Dined at 欢天地 after movies. Had some bad experience dining here. Luckily it’s still okay for today.

My meal + mushroom soup

Turtle jelly

Albert helped me out as I cant finish the meal
Plus another turtle jelly from ah ma
His stomach can really fill a lot

Psycho family

Went to Cold storage to buy ingredients for tomorrow’s breakfast
Albert, I can spot whatcha doing there!!! xD

Albert, pleased with his new bought CK jacket~ nice

Eling and Albert~ look match here

Black and white