Wednesday, September 9, 2009


How do you spend on this special day 090909? I'm one who very care about special dates. I will USUALLY plan something UNUSUAL so that I can have something to add into my MEMORY. And even when I grow old, I can still able to recall.

Used to love backpack around the world. Though some people might laugh at me. But I really hope I can make it real some day. Before I practise it abroad, I need to do it alone in own country. Therefore I decided to go around KL all alone on this day 090909. It was all in a sudden actually that I didn't plan where to go. So I took on the famous Malaysia's double decker, HOP-ON HOP-OFF that specially for tourist.

Actually, I don’t even have any clue where to get the ticket. It’s all made up in mind in a sudden and I think it’s cool for myself who used to be a whole-time-planner. It’s fun to go around alone and I feel some kind of adventurous. Mummy was kinda worry about me.

The tour route covers many major attractions (Note: Major attractions for foreign tourists- malay cultures don’t really attract me since I was born here) which include KLCC, KL Tower, Bintang Walk, Merdeka Square, KL Sentral, Lake Garden, National Museum, Petaling Street, Jamek Mosque, Sri Mariaman Temple, St. Mary’s Cathedral, National Monument etc.

Why does it call as “ KL HOP-ON HOP-OFF”?
Guests can hop-on, hop-off as many times at the various tour stops

I was quite worry at the beginning that once I hop-off from the bus at some place, I’ll need a long time to wait for another bus. But surprisingly, I wait no more than 10 minutes every time for the bus. It’s very convenient and efficient continuous circular rides I must say.

Guided through history of KL and places to go in eight languages

Oh yeah, never forget to mention that I went to SkyBridge as well. It’s such a shame, I as a Malaysian and come over KLCC at least once every two weeks and yet never been to SkyBridge.

The tourisists are given the 3D spectacle to view the short video which comprises history of KLCC, constructing process etc. Frankly said, the 3D effects suck.

Longgggg queue

Inside the theatre

The adventurer wannabe with the 3D specs

KLCC park view from 41st floor

SkyBridge~ world's highest 2-story bridge

I've heard Public Bank has very good feng shui

So... More pics to be taken!!! Silly me =P

Poseur~ take 1

Poseur~ take 2

Height measuring scale which able
estimate how many times of your own height
to make up the 451.9 metres tall KLCC

*** Know more about SkyBridge of Petronas Twin Towers ***
~ Open from Tuesday to Sunday
~ Visiting hours: 0900-1700
~ Tickets are free of charge
~ 1300 tickets to be issued on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis
~ SkyBridge Ticket counter opens at 0830 on every operational days
~ SkyBridge ticket counter located at the Concourse Floor (underground) of Petronas Twin Towers

The worrying mummy came over KLCC to accompany me for lunch

Mummy loves Nasi Lemak at Madam Kwan's

Black pepper chicken chop

I get myself ice kacang to chill my body
since the weather is damn hot

I continue my 'journey' after lunch. I did really enjoyed travelling alone. Next stop, KL tower. It's really nice if you go to the top of the tower to have the whole view of KL city, especially during nighttime. I had my buffet dinner once with friends there, the view is awesome.

Many couples are registering for marriage on this very special day
I hereby wish them 长长久久

Balloons at the open air deck at the back of the double decker bus

Frankly said, I was scared when I paid a visit to the museum. This is mainly because when I went there around 4pm, they are about to close. There are a total of 4 halls in the museum. I was in the halls ALL ALONE except in one hall where I heaved a sigh of relief to spot 2 foreigners there. You know, I have great imagination (which I think it’s way too over) that I have side effect after I watch Night at the Musuem. There are some sculpted wax figures (side effect from House of Wax) which look real. They're able to move and there's voice coming out from them. Somemore it’s so cold inside the hall and it looks spooky as it’s very dark inside. Anyway, I think you'll have this kind of feeling ONLY IF there's only you in the hall by ALONE.

A bunch of sculpted wax figures

Passed through some displayed corfins and there’re human skeleton inside. Owh man, it’s really scary when you’re alone with all these in the huge hall. Imagine you hear the sound of cracks and see the skeleton get up by itself and wave saying hello to you. Hahaha. Okay, I've been thinking too much to freak myself out.

Perak man

I had some weird feeling when I saw this bike. I actually dare not to stay there for too long as all around me are something real left by the Japanese soldiers. Their army uniforms, weapons, water bottle, shoes etc. You can’t blame me for being such coward. I watch the Hong Kong famous ghost tv show- 怪谈(Guai Tan) and I get to know many things I don’t know before this including the spirits of Japanese soldiers. Damn eerie man~

Me being coward at the museum

Bunga Mas~ The Golden Flower

The first stitched Malaysian flag? Forgotten ><

So glad to see these 2 'ang mo' in the hall LOL~

Camwhore 1

Camwhore 2

Camwhore 3

There are actually lots more of places I went,
but I think this would be enough

Otherwise my blog will soon become my photo album xD

Booyah for my great day on 090909
(Like the semi-glass roof)


L1nG L1nG said...

I m so happy to see your new update again!

Not sure if you still remember my elder brother was one of the couples who get married on this special day =)

sweet_cherry said...

wah..gud lehh..i wan such special experience oso..u know i dun mind shopping i hope i can travel alone like u..hehe..btw,u look like foreigner wif ur hat..u do it on purpose? =P

Casley said...

Ling, very sorry for that day.. n also my uber late reply.. hmm i'm just too busy going out.. family complaining about my 'absence' at home.. > <

so great.. its very nice to get married on that day.. if im a lil older, i might prefer this day as well.. meaningful for me.. another 101010, 111111, 121212 then no more.. hmm means i shud get married in these 3 years? LOL!!!!

oops, my ESSAY comment > <

Casley said...

yeah theng, i know u dun mind shopping alone.. we're the same kind.. its fun to travel alone, though mine is just in kl, n i can feel that it'll be even more exciting if travel abroad..

u got me!!! i wore it on purpose, so i look like a tourist.. n ppl actually tot im from either korea, japan n china.. LOL..

Sharon Ng said...

Yaya, it'll be fun and excied to travel alone but at the same time a bit scare (for me)..perhaps im bit coward, haha =p

But backpack is really enjoying!!I'l looking for another chance to backpack too ^^

Casley said...

Agree with u, sapo.. its relly enjoyable.. hope i'll have another chance like this.. same here, coward.. we need to learn not to then.. ^^

L1nG L1nG said...

Hahaha.. Does it mean that I will receive your "red bomb" in three years time?! Wakakkaka, I am looking forward to it ^^

Casley said...

hahahaha.. i dun think so lor.. still very young... not even graduate yet.. =(

i think im the one shud receive ur 'red bomb' first..