Thursday, September 17, 2009

FFS @ Starbucks, Pavillion

Received a text from Kenny. Asking me to go online. And straightaway I said yes. LOL~ What for? It’s all because Friends for sale. FYI, Friends for sale is one of the applications which you can find in facebook. I’m really addicted in this application which I spent lotsa time here, even during exam. What a shame. ><
Kenny with his new lappie

Sad case, he lost his laptop as he placed his laptop inside his car. So guys, never ever put your valuable belongings such as laptop inside your car. They can still 'smell' it though you hide it or cover it with something else. Learn from the mistake. Otherwise you’ll need to get a new lappie and get your car glass replaced. =(

Mocha for me, vanilla for him

It sounds weird as we can online any place where there’s wifi service provided. Anyway Kenny brought me to Starbucks at Pavillion. I'm kinda bored of going Starbucks for online, reminding me how pathetic I was when I didn't have internet at home a few years back. I actually went to the nearby Starbucks almost everyday, alone. And yeah, I was broke because of the coffee. No shopping nor movies. Just Friends for Sale.

Not really in the mood to take pics
Gotta focus in FFS

Guess what, we stayed there from afternoon till 9.30 at night. Crazed for FFS. Lifeless you can say.

Take 1 with Kenny

Take 2

Taken for fun

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