Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Daddy!!!

As you can seen from the title above.... It's my dad's 52nd birthday!!! Hereby wish him all the best, BEST!!!

We had this a very happening and fun birthday in a private room of a restaurant. Loved ones- relatives and friends were invited.

Daddy's birthday cake
Thanks to his workers for this BIG yummy cake ^^

With my little cousin sis before the dinner started

Let's see what my dad's workers brought him
Beer!!! Hmm...

Besides that, we have red wines and white wines as well. The wines taste real good. We had Brown Borthers, Moscato (leftS in the pic below) ~ whites and Wyndham Estate, Cabernet Merlot ~ reds.

Finished the wines in an instant
Just right after we started our dinner

Daddy 'yam seng' with his workers
All seem to be very excited

While me camwhore with cousin sis, Joanne and Leanne

The princess-sisters, never forget to camwhore on this BIG day ^^

And also, the most important~ Mummy and Daddy

The meal was simply divine~
I make them all in one pic since
I'm kinda lazy to wait for uploading so many pics

Well, if you think that's all for the beers and wines, you're so wrong. We had liquors as well. I don't have chance to have a taste of it anyway.

Camus VSOP Elegance
Bronze Medal Winner, San Fransisco Competition 2007
I only know about this long after the dinner ><

I've no idea there's so many kinds of HARD drinks tonight and we actually got whisky AS WELL. Swt~ I kinda like the bottle, makes it collectable. Nice gift from Scotland.

Old St. Andrews, Clubhouse
Very distinctive I have to say

Well, some are missing in this pic
While Aunt Belinda and his hubby are in Perth at the moment

Family + Friends

Daddy and his workers

Here is a short video with a very longgg Happy Birthday song to share. It was a very fun night. And again, Happy Birthday to daddy though he wouldn't be reading my blog. xD


L1nG L1nG said...

Princess Casley looks very pretty *___* and happy belated birthday to uncle! (though very outdated already)

Casley said...

txh very much, lingling!!! thx u again on behalf of my dad.. i updated this half year later.. *shame* ><