Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to LingLing!!!

Happy Birthday to LingLing

Alright, as you can see from the above title, this is going to be a post for LingLing!!! A very very LATE post about her birthday. Very SORRY for that.

Let me describe this sweetie for a little. I met her in Form 1 when our classes are very nearby, she was in Form 2 at that time. This girl has always keep her very long hair until now. I never see her in short hair. Once you know her, you will know how SMART she is. I bet you'll know very well after you see the pics below. (Hope LingLing won't mind I copy the pics without noticing you. Thought of giving you a little surprise. LOL!!!)

Let's see all her AWARDS in these 3 years~
So envious!!!

(Feb 2009)~ her first award by Cass Business School
Can you see her name on the screen?

Second award~ granted by City Unversity London

Third Award~ Best of Second Year

First Year Best Student Certificate (top) ♥
♥ Second Year Best Student Certificate (bottom) ♥

Fourth Award with lecturer's nomination to university
OMG she must be the apple of lecturer's eye

She amazes me everytime when I read her posts of her awards. You know, it's not easy to survive while studying abroad. And it's even MORE DIFFICULT to be the BEST STUDENT!!! I always say to her that how I wish to have even 10% of her, yet she's very humble, VERY.

Not many pictures of us that I have. My hardisk is gone for burton somemore. Luckily I still have our photo stickers with me. Sweet memory. Whee~

♥ Ling and Ching ♥


We look almost invisible due to our fair skin

Friendship Forever

We're in LOVE~ LOL~

Just wanna say I'm very proud of you. We are of the same kind, I'm happy that we can share everything together. Thanks for being my listener (thanks for letting me as your listener as well). And also, thanks for keep supporting my blog. Hahaha~ Last but not least, I wish you HAPPY ALWAYS.

Made this specially for Lingling
~ Disney Mickey and PINK lover
(Hope you'll like it!!! ^^)

Happy Birthday to LingLing


L1nG L1nG said...

OMG OMG OMG!!! I am soooooooooo happy to see this post in your lovely blog, pretty! I love this post and thank you sooooooooooooo much for writing this post, just for me! I feel really honoured =)

Thanks a lot for all the kind words and I am really glad to be one of your good friends ^^

Last but not least, I love u (friendship love) and may our friendship last forever!

P.S. I love the last picture, with Minnie and my photo in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L1nG L1nG said...

Can't stop myself from re-reading this over and over again! I want to say thank you and thank you and THANK YOU! It is really sweet of you =)

Thanks a lot for your kind words, you are always kind to me as I am never as clever as you said!

And of course I don't mind you uploading my photos, though I look terribly fat and ugly =( but I feel really sweet and happy when I was reading this post in ur blog ^^

I love the photo stickers too. Guess what? I have them with me in London! I can't wait to see you in August!!!

Btw, we are somehow related since we share the same surname, this makes us even closer! Hahahahahaa XD

Casley said...

U're most welcome my dear!!! So glad u like it so much.. so worry u will be unhappy that i copied ur pics..

See!!! U're that humble again.. U're the best student n yet u said u're not that clever, then i must be consider as very very stupid.. ><

Omg, I can't believe u bring our photo sticker to uk!!! as though u bring me along to uk.. whee~

Not ugly at all.. rmb what hwan said.. Looking forward to see u soon!!! xD I wan take more pics.. hehe~

Happy Birthday
to KOH Chew Ling
by KOH Tze Ching

Love u too!!! Muacks~