Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sing K + Movie

Yes, I went to sing k again. Princess Casley's never tired of karaoke. Went to RedBox and I enjoy the student price a lot. RM 9, so cheap!!!

Jervene n I

Camwhore inside restroom

I do really enjoy sing k with my coursemates as they sing almost all genres of song, from the soft to the rock ones.

Albert, loves Bon Jovi- It’s My Life

Veeler, Albert and I –
Happily, crazily sing for New Divide from Linkin Park

They look so still as they found me with camera focusing them
Guys, you should show the wild sides here, W-I-L-D!!!

My favourite is from Pink~ So What. I love this song since the first time I watched it on Youtube. Like the MV and I think it's very cool. Used to dance like a freak when I play this song inside my room.

Eling and Jervene

Albert bought us some snacks from Korea, whee~

Albert~ posing with one of the snacks

After sing k session, we went to watch Laughing Gor- Turning Point.

I don't really enjoy watching Cantonese movies. You know, my Cantonese is damn terrible and it’s a NO NO to Hong Kong drama. But after I got HIGH recommendations from my coursemates on the HK drama series- E.U (Emergency Unit), I found that it isn’t that bad afterall. So I decided to give a try for the movie version. And great, it didn’t let me down.

Yeeyan was initially not dare to take pic with the poster
So I decided to accompany her

Yuyu loves laughing gor so much
She crazed for him

Whoo~ my hair look so brown here

Dined at 欢天地 after movies. Had some bad experience dining here. Luckily it’s still okay for today.

My meal + mushroom soup

Turtle jelly

Albert helped me out as I cant finish the meal
Plus another turtle jelly from ah ma
His stomach can really fill a lot

Psycho family

Went to Cold storage to buy ingredients for tomorrow’s breakfast
Albert, I can spot whatcha doing there!!! xD

Albert, pleased with his new bought CK jacket~ nice

Eling and Albert~ look match here

Black and white

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