Thursday, October 29, 2009

Worst for Delifrance

You got that right, WORST!!! Delifrance!!! No much to say, I'm just so unhappy with the lunch I had with mummy.

Still okay


WORST!!! We just can't finish it
It really taste so bad that

mummy had to say: Just leave it

I believe not every Delifrance serves such a bad food for customer. Anyway, I'm not going to this Delifrance anymore. NO!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jung Won Korean BBQ Restaurant

If you are Korean cuisine lover, I would highly recommend Jung Won Korean BBQ Restaurant. It's not only for the nice foods it serves but also for the superb environment. Thanks to Melanie who loves to hunt for nice foods and bring us here.

*Click here for latest review on Jung Won Korean BBQ Restaurant

Water wheel in middle of the restaurant
Very unique

They do play Korean songs and English old songs

Pleasant and quiet ambience

An open air and spacious dining place

Lovely garden which soothes everyone around

Place setting

They use charcoal, very traditional
Make the meats taste even better!!!

Here's the waitress grilling the meats for us

Feel nice to dine here

The meal is served together with Ban-Chan
FYI, Ban-Chan are Korean side dishes which can be refilled, FOC!!!

Chal mok ke sum ni da!!!

Ban-Chan are served in small portion

Mixed rice aka Bibimbab Rice with vegetables and raw egg

Mummy and I

Boiled Kim Chi Soup with Rice S-P-I-C-Y!!!

Marinated pork
Consumed by dipping it into sauce consists of
soy sauce,
black pepper, vineger and salt

We did order a few extra meals
Looks really A LOT here

Weight gained for sure if I eat like this
One month would be more than enough

Spot this bunny in the garden
Wonder why no other rabbit around

Seem so lonely

Camwhore princess
Satisfied with the mouth-watering
Korean cuisine tonight~ Whee~

Monday, October 12, 2009

FFS again~

Keep going to McD to online since I don't have connection at home now. Hmm precisely, is online to play FFS!!! I've no idea why I'm so addicted to it. And also, I met lotsa friends from all over the world. It's really fun when we actually have a msn chat box flooded with 20 FFS players!!! Awesome!!! Anyway, I admit that it isn't good to spend so much time for this. *NO LIFE* Hwan said. ><
Your eyes have to roll up and down to read floods of message

Me me me~

Kenny, my DD~ another FFS addict

Playful Casley

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pui San's birthday

Whoo~ Another birthday post here, 3 in a row. I've no idea why so many birthday posts. Guess I just love to celebrate birthday and also wish them in my blog. Hehe~ 'Cause I simply love BIRTHDAY!!!! I love the atmosphere, it's so fun~

Thanks ChenKun for driving us there
Yeeyan loves KLCC view so much

You should drop by KL more often after graduate

We actually gave her a surprise
Some of the customers at restaurant even
sing Birthday Song along with us

I love surprise a lot. To get surprise from friends and to give them surprise as well. Simply love to see their surprised and happy face. Whee~

Birthday girl making wish

Happy Birthday to Pui San!!!

Tori Khomi Set

Hokke Set Grilled atka mackerel

Let's see Jervene's work

Sorry, it's a 'eww' for me

Kodomo Bento
Breaded fish, prawn and vegetable tempura

Puipui so happy to see her Unagi Set
Grilled eel served with egg custard

Piri piri chicken

Casley, Albert and Eling

Psycho Family
Left~ ChenKun, Jervene, Pui San, Moss and NiHua

Right~ Albert, YeeYan, SeiEe, Eling and Casley

Ready for camwhore session today~

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to Kiat

Another birthday post here. So many birthday posts lately in my blog.

A very happy birthday to Kiat, a very nice guy who treats me so well. At this very special day of him, I brought him to Shangri-La Hotel. I was told the buffet is very nice, so I decided to celebrate his birthday having luxurious meals in a snug environment.

Even the lobby lounge looks so grand

Live band entertaining

Kinda dim, romantic lighting huh?

Enjoy seeing the chef prepares for the foods live
Sorry for the blurry pic

I've learn a lesson here which is NEVER order fresh juice
'cause it's not included in buffet
Most pricey juice I had so far ==

Camwhore inside wash room
before filling up my hungry stomach

Take 2 ^^

Let's try the orientals~ Dim Sum!!!

Different kinds of breads and Satay~

Casley showing no expression
She wants to E-A-T!!!

Pumpkin soup with vege
I still prefer pumpkin soup at Frangipani
I can still remember how good it tastes though in very little portion

This is the most favourite part of mine~
The chocoholic me was so delightful to see it~ Whee~

Chocolate dipped grapes and marshmallows

Me with the birthday boy
Like this pic ^^

Seafoods + Sushi


Forgot what's this, custard cream-jelly? ><

Casley & Leon

Whoo~ I love tomatoes

Here comes the dessert part~
Strawberry-chocolate tart

Get any flavour of ice-cream you like
And also, choose for your own toppings
Oops it melted before I REMEMBER to take this pic
We're just busy tucking into our dinner

Not forget about the fresh fruits as well

Taken outside the dining place
Pleasant ambience

Water garden beside the lobby lounge
The ceiling-to-floor glass window makes it even opulent

You can even view Kl Tower from here
Thumbs up!!!

Love the environment so much

Kiat~ mimicking Jay Chou

Do somehow feel like a princess here

Little pressie from me!!! =P

Set of padini shirt and tie

I've non-stop thanking this guy and also keep apologizing all the while. God knows why. I hereby wish you all the best!!! Friendship forever!!! ^^