Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jung Won Korean BBQ Restaurant

If you are Korean cuisine lover, I would highly recommend Jung Won Korean BBQ Restaurant. It's not only for the nice foods it serves but also for the superb environment. Thanks to Melanie who loves to hunt for nice foods and bring us here.

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Water wheel in middle of the restaurant
Very unique

They do play Korean songs and English old songs

Pleasant and quiet ambience

An open air and spacious dining place

Lovely garden which soothes everyone around

Place setting

They use charcoal, very traditional
Make the meats taste even better!!!

Here's the waitress grilling the meats for us

Feel nice to dine here

The meal is served together with Ban-Chan
FYI, Ban-Chan are Korean side dishes which can be refilled, FOC!!!

Chal mok ke sum ni da!!!

Ban-Chan are served in small portion

Mixed rice aka Bibimbab Rice with vegetables and raw egg

Mummy and I

Boiled Kim Chi Soup with Rice S-P-I-C-Y!!!

Marinated pork
Consumed by dipping it into sauce consists of
soy sauce,
black pepper, vineger and salt

We did order a few extra meals
Looks really A LOT here

Weight gained for sure if I eat like this
One month would be more than enough

Spot this bunny in the garden
Wonder why no other rabbit around

Seem so lonely

Camwhore princess
Satisfied with the mouth-watering
Korean cuisine tonight~ Whee~

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