Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pui San's birthday

Whoo~ Another birthday post here, 3 in a row. I've no idea why so many birthday posts. Guess I just love to celebrate birthday and also wish them in my blog. Hehe~ 'Cause I simply love BIRTHDAY!!!! I love the atmosphere, it's so fun~

Thanks ChenKun for driving us there
Yeeyan loves KLCC view so much

You should drop by KL more often after graduate

We actually gave her a surprise
Some of the customers at restaurant even
sing Birthday Song along with us

I love surprise a lot. To get surprise from friends and to give them surprise as well. Simply love to see their surprised and happy face. Whee~

Birthday girl making wish

Happy Birthday to Pui San!!!

Tori Khomi Set

Hokke Set Grilled atka mackerel

Let's see Jervene's work

Sorry, it's a 'eww' for me

Kodomo Bento
Breaded fish, prawn and vegetable tempura

Puipui so happy to see her Unagi Set
Grilled eel served with egg custard

Piri piri chicken

Casley, Albert and Eling

Psycho Family
Left~ ChenKun, Jervene, Pui San, Moss and NiHua

Right~ Albert, YeeYan, SeiEe, Eling and Casley

Ready for camwhore session today~

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3


Sharon Ng said...

So surprise that u'll post the photo of fish leh =p
It's so ewwww for me too, haha

Casley said...

hahaha.. coz i wonder what it looks like before 'served' for my friend..

for me, its very 'wad dat'.. ><