Monday, November 30, 2009


For those who live in KL, I bet you know what's going to be in this post. Someone's admitted hopspital??????


It's my sis =(
Well, I don't really know what happened. Mel has stomachache so often (for years!!!) that we suspect something's going wrong with her stomach. We went to clinic numerous times, lost counts. And this time, the most serious comes that she has to admitted to hospital. All of us got so nervous and sent her to nearby Gleneagle Hospital at around 5 in the morning!!! Okay, I was actually still in my sweetdream, knowing nothing. Went to hospital only after I got up and without having breakfast. =( Anyway pity Mel who hasn't (to be more specific, it should be CAN'T) eat anything from last night till 6 in the evening(due to scanning and endoscopy purposes)!!!

Mel~ lying on a padded examination table.

Mel had an abdominal ultrasound. The sonographer applied water-soluble gel over Mel's stomach and started to perform the test. A wand-like device (called a transducer) was gently applied against the skin. This ultrasound test took us just several minutes to complete.

The sonographer~ presses the transducer firmly against the stomach
Moving it back and forth over the area until the desired images are captured


And I'm actually here in the ultrasound room to GUARD!!!! LOL!!!

We were waiting for the procedures, radiologist to interpret test results blablabla..... for so loonnnggg. I skipped my breakfast. And I was almost starve to death. Mum accompanied me for lunch brunch. We went to Dome which located just inside the hospital, convenient enough. Haha feel so sorry to enjoy lunch here while Mel's suffering at the other side. =="


The foods are okay

Didn't eat with relish since we're in a hurry

Next, going to look for Dr. Jason
Consultant Gastroenterologist/Physician

Alright it's time for some pain
Time for Mel to get sedated!!!
Intravenous sedation~ Ouch~
In a few moment, she will be in her DREAMLAND

Still not going to Dreamland yet
But just no more than 30 seconds, she shows no response
The power of anaesthetic

Standard monitor for blood pressure, heart rate etc
endoscopy monitor

Can you see the long and black tube? That's the endoscope- thin, flexible, lighted tube which has a small camera on its end, which sends pictures to a tv screen. This helps in seeing the lining of oesophagus, stomach and first part of the intestine.

The endoscopist is Dr. Jason. He inserted the endoscope into Mel's throat and ask Mel to swallow it to help move it down into her oesophagus. I don't know how my sis can follow the instruction since she had been sedated and claimed herself can't remember the process after that.

Dr. Jason is very kind to explain everything to me by asking me to look at the screen. He even told me which part of the body the screen shown. I saw the lining of my sis esophagus, stomach and intestine. Well, seeing this remind me of the rats I dissected years ago, hahaha (oops). Biopsies (tissue samples) were taken using the instruments passed through the endoscope. Gahhh, I witnessed how Dr. Jason poked a hole inside Mel's stomach to get the sample. I was shocked to see the area started to bleed slightly (not that serious lah).

Mel who's still under anaesthesia after gastroscopy

Dr. Jason asked me to 'kacau' and wake her up. Haha so sui..... Hmmm... and we really did so!!! I woke her up and try talk to her. Well she woke up but then fell asleep again the next second!!! Anyway Mel claimed that she can't remember whatever that happened in between.

Nurses were kinda impressed that I'm pretty strong since I can still stand to see the whole process which many people feel disgusting to see all that. Can't blame them 'cause you can really see what's inside your stomach, very clearly!!!! Hmm I'm actually very pleased to have this chance to see all these, it's a very unusual experience to me. I'd learn a lot. But feel sorry to Mel.

Time for coffee while waiting for
Mel to recover from the effects of sedation

I was told that Dr.Jason has been start working since 7am and he's still 'patrolling' in hospital at night. More than 12 hours!!! Not easy to work so long and under such great pressure. Though you can earn a lot of $$$$, haha~ Daddy hope I can take medicine course, but... I don't really want to live in this kind of life. Too pressure for me. I can hardly stand to see someone died in front of me and I'm failed to save him/her.

The outcome after the injection of sedatives

Guess what? We actually have a copy of the whole endoscopy process in a CD!!! Who's interested to watch? xD

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Casual says hi~

Let me introduce you 'someone'~

Mr....... CASUAL!!!

This is my second time seeing Casual. Well, the first time was very long ago before Hwan left malaysia. Never really have chance to really know HIM-- Casual well.

I called him Mr. Yong Sui
Okay I know I'm very sui xD
Hwan is unhappy with that

Casual acting cool

Hwan got me some chocolate from NZ
A chocoholic can never resist it

I unsealed it straightaway when I got it LOL~

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lifeless FFS-er

Accompanied Hwan to get his lappie upgraded and get some new clothes for the coming internship. I'm just too free to do all these. Hmm this is what people with more than half-year-holiday would probably be doing? 'Goyang kaki' at home? Definitely prefer to go out rather than stay at home. Still not planning to go for work. Hehe~

Shiang and Hwan
The dirtiEST lappie I've ever seen, the DUST!!! Swt~
Of course, it had now been cleaned off

Had some live band playing at Timesquare
Reming me the days when I was in School Band

Argh, I suddenly miss my flute

which had been kept in the cupboard
ever since it gone for burton

And I miss piccolo as well =(

Brought my lappie along due to some BIG business
Hurry to nearby Starbucks and settle it

Guess what? It's all about FFS~ wth!!!

Had lunch after that
Our very first CAMWHORE session ^^

If only you notice the red ribbon (which I prefer to name it aids bow more though) we had on our tops, yeah the World AIDS Day is just around the corner. FYI, the red ribbon is a symbol for both drug prevention and for the fight against AIDS.


Used to be very well-known as a POOH lover. Yeah I love pooh-pooh so so so muchie!!! Received so many poohSSS as my birthday pressies last time. Hmm but now, I can at least resist of getting pooh back home whenever I see them during shopping. Grown-up Princess Casley!!!

Gundam Fair @ Sungai Wang
MALES are in total obsession to look at the displayed models

Since he's changing next door
and I've got nothing to do so I dicided to
camwhore here, in the fitting room!!!

Casley loves mirror~ whoo~

Ta-da~ Mr. Tan's here

We had supper before heading home.

Hmm.. Not McD.. Uh-huh..

My FIRST Ramly burger in my life!!!
Erm, alright I know this burger isn't look nice here
Anyway, the taste is an more important issue right?

Camwhore princess

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Owh well, I watched 2012 for the second time. Why? Because Mr. Tan hasn't watch it and he needs a company. He asked us (Ooi, Shiang, Theng and I) the time when we yamcha yesterday. Too bad, all of us watched it already. Well, guess no one wants to miss it since 2012 is a great blockbuster. Can't blame him since it's kinda pricey to watch movie in New Zealand.

Okay, we made prank calls while waiting for our lunch to be served.

Prankster: Tan Tuan Hwan
PrankeeS: Yap Chee Kien & Lee Zhen Hao

Here's the conversation between Hwan and ZhenHao.

Hao : Hello?
Hwan: Hi, is this Mr...... Lee...... Zhen Hao?
Hao : Yeah, it's me speaking.
Hwan: I'm calling from Utar. I'm here to inform you that you haven't pay your tuition fee for this semester.
Hao : Huh? Sorry, I think I've paid for it.
Hwan: Owh really? But we don't have your record here in our system. And for your information, you will be barred from the coming exam if you do not clear the fees by next tuesday (a sign of an unexperienced pranker~ did not prepare for the date).
Hao : (Slightly nervous with his shaky voice) Hmm... Can you please hold on, I'll go search for the receipt.

.... While searching, his mum came and ask what happened. After telling her (in mandarine), she joined the hustle knowing the seriousness......

..... Hwan and I started to giggle .....

......... After a while .........

Hao : (Relieve and excited) Yeah, I paid for the fees, I got the receipt with me..
Hwan: Hmm.... That's weird.... There's no record here.
Hao : Or should I bring this receipt to the office tommorow?
Hwan: Erm alright, it'll great.
Hao : Okay, then who should I show it to?
Hwan: Anyone in the reception will do.
Hao : Just in case, can I know who you are? (not that dumb after all aye, but it's a good opportunity to reveal ourselves)
Hwan: I'm Mr Tan.... Tuan...... Hwan

..... after a short hesitation .....

Hao : (disbelief) 我知道是谁了啦! (Laugh Out Loud) 妈的, 现在很得空是吗? 你几时回来的?.....
I know who is this liao la!!! (in mandarine and burst into laughter) Ma de, now very free is it? When you're back?........

We're so excited to see this ad!!!
It's coming!!!
Can't wait for it~
Gotta book MunYee buddies again for this, MUST!!!

Hwan wants a piano for his boring life in NZ
but... very too pricey ><

Traffic jam!!!
Urgh (everyone) hate that!!!

Anyway, camwhore is one of the best thing to do
especially when you're stuck in the traffic jam
(As for me LOL)

... And even at home ....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What A Great Surprise!!!

Okay, as you can see from the title above, I had a really really really BIG surprise!!! This is what happened before this day~ Sorry, I'm kinda lazy to type out the conversations, so I decided to printscreen it and upload to my blog. Don't be surprise, I do keep my msn chat logs with me. But some were gone when I had my lappie formatted.

Shiang and I were planning
to go Serendah without Hwan

We(me especially) used to tease Hwan and said
that NZ is specially for moo moo and meh meh

See how he 'cheated' on me
saying he won't be back to m'sia this year

But instead he's coming back and told the others not to let me know about it. They planned it behind my back. He wanted to give me a surprise. What happened was Shiang, Ooi and Theng kept asking me to go yamcha at Feeling Cafe. I always reject any outing after my facial since my face 'can't see people'. But they kept persuading me to go. Theng even said that she wanted to have this meet-up since she will be going back to Malacca very soon. So, no choice~ I had to go.

By the time we reached Feeling Cafe, I was looking for seats. 3 of them walked right away to a direction where the seat was occupied by a guy whose back facing us. When I was about to stop Shiang who's going for that seat, this guy turned over and looked at me. OMGGGGGGGGG!!! You have no idea how's my silly reaction. I covered my face with my hands and just keep on mumbling: Omg Omg Omg, for many times until I MAKE SURE he's real, he's back in Malaysia!!!

All of them keep laughing and laughing. Phew~ I was never so surprised and embarassed like this. Anyway, I must say this out loud~ WELCOME BACK, HWAN!!!

For even more info, kindly refer to Theng's blog about this.

L-R: Yimin, Shiang and Hwan
Playing cards

Shiang keep on CHE
ATING by letting himself own the 'dee's with him
And of course, he's the winner almost all rounds

Ooi(Yimin) + Shiang
We kept laughing at his new lame nickname, MICHAEL
(Oops sorry xD)

My buddies, Shiang and Hwan

Look at both silly Hwan and Theng

Theng with the snoring pig =P

Forgot what made Theng laughed so happily

Together with me this time

Ooi and Hwan~ Both having charming sweet smile

Both of us having all sorta MIXED feelings
Happy + Awkward
+ Shy ><
If only you notice the changes on Hwan's smile, hmm~

P/S: Luckily with the dim environment in Feeling Cafe, my face after facial isn't look that bad in photo. Though it's bad, but not to that extent I expected. Phew~ ^^

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Engine S-T-A-R-T

Went for the blockbuster~ 2012 with coursemates. Owh well, same as other reviews about 2012, I do think that its a well made spectacle with laughters along you. Hmm sorry to say this but I did laughed watching this movie. Still remember the moment when there's one HUGE donut rolling on the road during the earthquake? Albert and I laughed so hard. Sorry, some scenes are just too ridiculous and hilarious to us.

That's it!!! Randy's donut~
Haha Albert and I just have very low laughter threshold

(During the end of the world)
Charlie said: Owh, it's beautiful


By the way, still remember the moment that russian gal, Tamara pointed a middle finger at Yuri? It's another LOL for all of us. The audiences clapped for this nice one, pity Zlatko Buric that becomes the one who we love to hate.

And never forget about this, the time when they wanna leave the plane with the uber expensive car~ Yuri said with the lowest tone I've ever heard in a movie: Engine, start. I can't stop laughing after hear that. LOL!!!! And ever since then, I keep mimicking "Engine, start.." in my lowest possible tone. Same goes to his: Good, that is good. Gosh, his voice~

Okay, let's get back to serious. I feel sad to see Satnam died in the megatsunami and last call between Adrian and his father where my tears rolled in the eyes. Though it's very exaggerating in the movie but I do think that's what will happen if our world comes to an end. Nothing is impossible. Aww, can't imagine that. Hope I don't live that long to see that. ><
Silly Albert mimicking Ekin Cheng
Look at his 'weapon'!!! LOL!!!

Camwhore after back home from movie

Since we won't be able to meet up each other as often as usual, we decided for a second round~ NIGHT MARKET!!! We do appreciate every moment we can before most of them gone back to their own hometown.

Can you figure out what we're queueing for?
It's stinky toufu!!!
*Stay away from me!!!*

Albert: Ummm.. So nice.... Yum yum~
Veeler: Argh~ Give it to me, I want to eat~

Jervene: Shoo~ It's my turn!!! Whee~

Albert and Veeler: Oklah, let's share and enjoy together
FYI, the dialogues above are simply made up by ME!!! xD

PuiSan who can't stand the odour stood aside enjoying her drink

I wonder how many of you would misunderstood it's a toilet?

That's all for the posts about outing with coursemates. Will have LATE-update when I get the rest of the pics from them and also, will update some nail art here. I have plenty of time for it now. Whee~

Sorry, super late UPDATE!!! Paiseh, just got these pics which taken using sister's digicam. Doubt whether you guys would have notice this update. Whatever, I love the nail art this time!

I've no idea why I love nails in purple so much! 'Cause of my name? May be I should try purple and green? LOL~ Anyway, I've painted my nails purple and deco it with the rose stickers I've bought long time ago. Glad that I finally can utilise it well.

This is my latest nail art
Thank god that now I have time for all this *Booyah!*

Simple nail art with roses
Don't you think it's sweet? xD
I've even added pearls on it

Elianto purple nail polish that sis bought it quite long ago
Now only have the time to use it for nail art
Btw I wonder why it appears a lil bluish in the pic? aiks

I love it
This is at least better than the black one
I previously done before exam huh?