Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Engine S-T-A-R-T

Went for the blockbuster~ 2012 with coursemates. Owh well, same as other reviews about 2012, I do think that its a well made spectacle with laughters along you. Hmm sorry to say this but I did laughed watching this movie. Still remember the moment when there's one HUGE donut rolling on the road during the earthquake? Albert and I laughed so hard. Sorry, some scenes are just too ridiculous and hilarious to us.

That's it!!! Randy's donut~
Haha Albert and I just have very low laughter threshold

(During the end of the world)
Charlie said: Owh, it's beautiful


By the way, still remember the moment that russian gal, Tamara pointed a middle finger at Yuri? It's another LOL for all of us. The audiences clapped for this nice one, pity Zlatko Buric that becomes the one who we love to hate.

And never forget about this, the time when they wanna leave the plane with the uber expensive car~ Yuri said with the lowest tone I've ever heard in a movie: Engine, start. I can't stop laughing after hear that. LOL!!!! And ever since then, I keep mimicking "Engine, start.." in my lowest possible tone. Same goes to his: Good, that is good. Gosh, his voice~

Okay, let's get back to serious. I feel sad to see Satnam died in the megatsunami and last call between Adrian and his father where my tears rolled in the eyes. Though it's very exaggerating in the movie but I do think that's what will happen if our world comes to an end. Nothing is impossible. Aww, can't imagine that. Hope I don't live that long to see that. ><
Silly Albert mimicking Ekin Cheng
Look at his 'weapon'!!! LOL!!!

Camwhore after back home from movie

Since we won't be able to meet up each other as often as usual, we decided for a second round~ NIGHT MARKET!!! We do appreciate every moment we can before most of them gone back to their own hometown.

Can you figure out what we're queueing for?
It's stinky toufu!!!
*Stay away from me!!!*

Albert: Ummm.. So nice.... Yum yum~
Veeler: Argh~ Give it to me, I want to eat~

Jervene: Shoo~ It's my turn!!! Whee~

Albert and Veeler: Oklah, let's share and enjoy together
FYI, the dialogues above are simply made up by ME!!! xD

PuiSan who can't stand the odour stood aside enjoying her drink

I wonder how many of you would misunderstood it's a toilet?

That's all for the posts about outing with coursemates. Will have LATE-update when I get the rest of the pics from them and also, will update some nail art here. I have plenty of time for it now. Whee~

Sorry, super late UPDATE!!! Paiseh, just got these pics which taken using sister's digicam. Doubt whether you guys would have notice this update. Whatever, I love the nail art this time!

I've no idea why I love nails in purple so much! 'Cause of my name? May be I should try purple and green? LOL~ Anyway, I've painted my nails purple and deco it with the rose stickers I've bought long time ago. Glad that I finally can utilise it well.

This is my latest nail art
Thank god that now I have time for all this *Booyah!*

Simple nail art with roses
Don't you think it's sweet? xD
I've even added pearls on it

Elianto purple nail polish that sis bought it quite long ago
Now only have the time to use it for nail art
Btw I wonder why it appears a lil bluish in the pic? aiks

I love it
This is at least better than the black one
I previously done before exam huh?


Sharon Ng said...

Hehe sa po so you're now very free since you'd finish your papers? Looking forward for hang out, whee ^^

Casley said...

yaya very free though im working now.. my working time very flexible.. hehe let's go out n have fun!!! ^^