Tuesday, November 17, 2009

F-R-E-E, finally

I finally had my final paper. Yeah I actually just finish my final exam!!! Okay, perhaps you think I don't study for my exam since my posts are all just outings, having fun instead of stressing for exams. Well, I don't really know why I behave like this. I know I'm totally fail to be a disciplined student. I'm not a smart student (stupid and lazy instead). I guess I'm just too playful, definitely not a good thing to be proud of. I'm aiming for something BIG though. Owh whatever, will see~

Photo taken after we finished our last papers

Psycho Family
My dearest coursemates

Alright, before going any further, let's have a look at the card below. We actually gave cards to our beloved lecturers on the last day. Special thanks to Eling for helping us to buy the cards. I like one of the cards very much. It's very cute. And I decided to write the names- each of our psycho family members on it, as a memory to our lecturer.

Cute card for our lecturer with our names on it

An outing is for sure after having our final. And SING K is a must!!! We heaved a sigh of relief, indeed. Anyway, not ALL of our psycho family were going to sing k since some of them still need to resit for certain papers. Too bad, we hardly find another chance to have such outing again since we will go for different paths in future. Many are from out station somemore. =(

I look too fair here
Like a ghost ==

Had our lunch at Uncle Duck Hong Kong Restaurant
I was kinda reluctant to dine here, frankly said

'Cause of the weird smell in the restaurant

Eling + Veeler
Arghh I need pics to post up here, Veeler!!!

Jervene and PuiSan

With Albert, my future dentist~ LOL!!!

Gone for our sing k session after this. Anyway, not many pictures here since I still haven't get the pictures from Veeler, who was back to Johor. Sigh~ Will update the pics here only after I get to meet her up.

Veeler!!! I want pics!!!!
She's so excited to have ice cream ^^

Lunch~ Second round

Just able to take pics of the foods, sigh~
My handphone camera just doesn't work in dim condition T_T

Happy Casley never forget to camwhore
whenever there's mirror in sight,
even inside wash room xD

NiHua and Casley

On the way back
All were sandwished inside the car

Pity PuiSan at the other corner

Gonna miss you guys so much
Though I know I might meet
some of you guys again~

In IMU!!! Yay!!!

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