Monday, November 30, 2009


For those who live in KL, I bet you know what's going to be in this post. Someone's admitted hopspital??????


It's my sis =(
Well, I don't really know what happened. Mel has stomachache so often (for years!!!) that we suspect something's going wrong with her stomach. We went to clinic numerous times, lost counts. And this time, the most serious comes that she has to admitted to hospital. All of us got so nervous and sent her to nearby Gleneagle Hospital at around 5 in the morning!!! Okay, I was actually still in my sweetdream, knowing nothing. Went to hospital only after I got up and without having breakfast. =( Anyway pity Mel who hasn't (to be more specific, it should be CAN'T) eat anything from last night till 6 in the evening(due to scanning and endoscopy purposes)!!!

Mel~ lying on a padded examination table.

Mel had an abdominal ultrasound. The sonographer applied water-soluble gel over Mel's stomach and started to perform the test. A wand-like device (called a transducer) was gently applied against the skin. This ultrasound test took us just several minutes to complete.

The sonographer~ presses the transducer firmly against the stomach
Moving it back and forth over the area until the desired images are captured


And I'm actually here in the ultrasound room to GUARD!!!! LOL!!!

We were waiting for the procedures, radiologist to interpret test results blablabla..... for so loonnnggg. I skipped my breakfast. And I was almost starve to death. Mum accompanied me for lunch brunch. We went to Dome which located just inside the hospital, convenient enough. Haha feel so sorry to enjoy lunch here while Mel's suffering at the other side. =="


The foods are okay

Didn't eat with relish since we're in a hurry

Next, going to look for Dr. Jason
Consultant Gastroenterologist/Physician

Alright it's time for some pain
Time for Mel to get sedated!!!
Intravenous sedation~ Ouch~
In a few moment, she will be in her DREAMLAND

Still not going to Dreamland yet
But just no more than 30 seconds, she shows no response
The power of anaesthetic

Standard monitor for blood pressure, heart rate etc
endoscopy monitor

Can you see the long and black tube? That's the endoscope- thin, flexible, lighted tube which has a small camera on its end, which sends pictures to a tv screen. This helps in seeing the lining of oesophagus, stomach and first part of the intestine.

The endoscopist is Dr. Jason. He inserted the endoscope into Mel's throat and ask Mel to swallow it to help move it down into her oesophagus. I don't know how my sis can follow the instruction since she had been sedated and claimed herself can't remember the process after that.

Dr. Jason is very kind to explain everything to me by asking me to look at the screen. He even told me which part of the body the screen shown. I saw the lining of my sis esophagus, stomach and intestine. Well, seeing this remind me of the rats I dissected years ago, hahaha (oops). Biopsies (tissue samples) were taken using the instruments passed through the endoscope. Gahhh, I witnessed how Dr. Jason poked a hole inside Mel's stomach to get the sample. I was shocked to see the area started to bleed slightly (not that serious lah).

Mel who's still under anaesthesia after gastroscopy

Dr. Jason asked me to 'kacau' and wake her up. Haha so sui..... Hmmm... and we really did so!!! I woke her up and try talk to her. Well she woke up but then fell asleep again the next second!!! Anyway Mel claimed that she can't remember whatever that happened in between.

Nurses were kinda impressed that I'm pretty strong since I can still stand to see the whole process which many people feel disgusting to see all that. Can't blame them 'cause you can really see what's inside your stomach, very clearly!!!! Hmm I'm actually very pleased to have this chance to see all these, it's a very unusual experience to me. I'd learn a lot. But feel sorry to Mel.

Time for coffee while waiting for
Mel to recover from the effects of sedation

I was told that Dr.Jason has been start working since 7am and he's still 'patrolling' in hospital at night. More than 12 hours!!! Not easy to work so long and under such great pressure. Though you can earn a lot of $$$$, haha~ Daddy hope I can take medicine course, but... I don't really want to live in this kind of life. Too pressure for me. I can hardly stand to see someone died in front of me and I'm failed to save him/her.

The outcome after the injection of sedatives

Guess what? We actually have a copy of the whole endoscopy process in a CD!!! Who's interested to watch? xD


sweet_cherry said...

ohh..its really disgusting..fel pity to ur sis..i imagine oni oso fel vr scare d..btw,u hv the same opinion as mine..i oso cnt withstand the helpless feeling when i saw someone died in front of me but i cnt do anything even i'm the doctor..therefore,i never think of wana b doctor since i was young til nw..

L1nG L1nG said...

Awwww.. That must be very painful =( Please send my regards to your sis, hope she is better. So what is the real problem of your sis? why did she suffer from stomachache constantly?

Yes I agree to the nurse. You are very brave that you stayed there for the whole process!!!

Casley said...

Yeah doc still give u the cd somemore.. everything recorded in it.. wonder who will watch that again..

i feel HEAVY responsibility lor.. will feel guilty for sure if something bad happen.. later become nitemare.. hahaha..

Casley said...

hmm she can't feel the pain, since she has been sedated.. hahaha.. if not, i dunno what might happen.. I'm not really sure, but im glad she's alright now..thx very much for ur concern,sweetie..

hehe, i kinda enjoy seeing that actually.. learn a lot.. LOL!!!