Thursday, November 26, 2009


Owh well, I watched 2012 for the second time. Why? Because Mr. Tan hasn't watch it and he needs a company. He asked us (Ooi, Shiang, Theng and I) the time when we yamcha yesterday. Too bad, all of us watched it already. Well, guess no one wants to miss it since 2012 is a great blockbuster. Can't blame him since it's kinda pricey to watch movie in New Zealand.

Okay, we made prank calls while waiting for our lunch to be served.

Prankster: Tan Tuan Hwan
PrankeeS: Yap Chee Kien & Lee Zhen Hao

Here's the conversation between Hwan and ZhenHao.

Hao : Hello?
Hwan: Hi, is this Mr...... Lee...... Zhen Hao?
Hao : Yeah, it's me speaking.
Hwan: I'm calling from Utar. I'm here to inform you that you haven't pay your tuition fee for this semester.
Hao : Huh? Sorry, I think I've paid for it.
Hwan: Owh really? But we don't have your record here in our system. And for your information, you will be barred from the coming exam if you do not clear the fees by next tuesday (a sign of an unexperienced pranker~ did not prepare for the date).
Hao : (Slightly nervous with his shaky voice) Hmm... Can you please hold on, I'll go search for the receipt.

.... While searching, his mum came and ask what happened. After telling her (in mandarine), she joined the hustle knowing the seriousness......

..... Hwan and I started to giggle .....

......... After a while .........

Hao : (Relieve and excited) Yeah, I paid for the fees, I got the receipt with me..
Hwan: Hmm.... That's weird.... There's no record here.
Hao : Or should I bring this receipt to the office tommorow?
Hwan: Erm alright, it'll great.
Hao : Okay, then who should I show it to?
Hwan: Anyone in the reception will do.
Hao : Just in case, can I know who you are? (not that dumb after all aye, but it's a good opportunity to reveal ourselves)
Hwan: I'm Mr Tan.... Tuan...... Hwan

..... after a short hesitation .....

Hao : (disbelief) 我知道是谁了啦! (Laugh Out Loud) 妈的, 现在很得空是吗? 你几时回来的?.....
I know who is this liao la!!! (in mandarine and burst into laughter) Ma de, now very free is it? When you're back?........

We're so excited to see this ad!!!
It's coming!!!
Can't wait for it~
Gotta book MunYee buddies again for this, MUST!!!

Hwan wants a piano for his boring life in NZ
but... very too pricey ><

Traffic jam!!!
Urgh (everyone) hate that!!!

Anyway, camwhore is one of the best thing to do
especially when you're stuck in the traffic jam
(As for me LOL)

... And even at home ....

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