Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lifeless FFS-er

Accompanied Hwan to get his lappie upgraded and get some new clothes for the coming internship. I'm just too free to do all these. Hmm this is what people with more than half-year-holiday would probably be doing? 'Goyang kaki' at home? Definitely prefer to go out rather than stay at home. Still not planning to go for work. Hehe~

Shiang and Hwan
The dirtiEST lappie I've ever seen, the DUST!!! Swt~
Of course, it had now been cleaned off

Had some live band playing at Timesquare
Reming me the days when I was in School Band

Argh, I suddenly miss my flute

which had been kept in the cupboard
ever since it gone for burton

And I miss piccolo as well =(

Brought my lappie along due to some BIG business
Hurry to nearby Starbucks and settle it

Guess what? It's all about FFS~ wth!!!

Had lunch after that
Our very first CAMWHORE session ^^

If only you notice the red ribbon (which I prefer to name it aids bow more though) we had on our tops, yeah the World AIDS Day is just around the corner. FYI, the red ribbon is a symbol for both drug prevention and for the fight against AIDS.


Used to be very well-known as a POOH lover. Yeah I love pooh-pooh so so so muchie!!! Received so many poohSSS as my birthday pressies last time. Hmm but now, I can at least resist of getting pooh back home whenever I see them during shopping. Grown-up Princess Casley!!!

Gundam Fair @ Sungai Wang
MALES are in total obsession to look at the displayed models

Since he's changing next door
and I've got nothing to do so I dicided to
camwhore here, in the fitting room!!!

Casley loves mirror~ whoo~

Ta-da~ Mr. Tan's here

We had supper before heading home.

Hmm.. Not McD.. Uh-huh..

My FIRST Ramly burger in my life!!!
Erm, alright I know this burger isn't look nice here
Anyway, the taste is an more important issue right?

Camwhore princess


Hwan said...

-o-..... lifeless FFS.... hahaha. u didnt know how boring it is sitting there for i think a few hours looking at u playing FFS! n it's in time square! i drive u all the way there to see u play FFS while i did nothing.

Anyway, the photo we took together sure looks natural. both of us are like models. hehe.

Hwan said...

perhaps, the title should change it to - "lifeless FFS-er" hahahaha. i think it'll definitely arouse great publicity. haha.

Casley said...

sorry lor.. that time too addicted to FFS ady.. but hey, u did had ur laptop ugraded.. so at least u did something.. =P

wah.. so narcissist.. but i do really like that pic, so candid.. whee~

alright, i changed the post title.. LOL!!!

Hwan said...

Wuahahahaha........ finally...... i successfully convince a FFS-addict that FFS is LIFELESS! FUAHAHAHAHAHA......

L1nG L1nG said...

Hahaha.. Princess Casley looks so beautiful in the bling bling top! Soooooooo pretty *____*

You are addicted to FFS while my mama is addicted to Barn Buddy (I wonder if I spell it correctly) hahaha.. And I like the photo u took v Hwan! So sweet lor :P

Casley said...

Hwan~ yalah yalah, u're convincing and influential.. i never even log in for more than 3 months now.. LOL..

Casley said...

Thx so much, lingling!!! i seldom wear that top.. but i'll wear it more often after seeing u said so.. hahahhaha~

ur mum addicted to barn buddy.. my aunt addictedto farmville.. she even play farmville for me(she has my account)!!!

thats a very candid shot, he didn't know im taking his pic initially.. he just realised at that moment i snapped that pic..

sweet_cherry said...

wah,great influent ya,hwan..nvm..ching, v play another game..haha..

Casley said...

haha he did influenced me a lot!!! quit FFS which i never tot i will.. hahaha.. what games else are nice? LOL~