Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What A Great Surprise!!!

Okay, as you can see from the title above, I had a really really really BIG surprise!!! This is what happened before this day~ Sorry, I'm kinda lazy to type out the conversations, so I decided to printscreen it and upload to my blog. Don't be surprise, I do keep my msn chat logs with me. But some were gone when I had my lappie formatted.

Shiang and I were planning
to go Serendah without Hwan

We(me especially) used to tease Hwan and said
that NZ is specially for moo moo and meh meh

See how he 'cheated' on me
saying he won't be back to m'sia this year

But instead he's coming back and told the others not to let me know about it. They planned it behind my back. He wanted to give me a surprise. What happened was Shiang, Ooi and Theng kept asking me to go yamcha at Feeling Cafe. I always reject any outing after my facial since my face 'can't see people'. But they kept persuading me to go. Theng even said that she wanted to have this meet-up since she will be going back to Malacca very soon. So, no choice~ I had to go.

By the time we reached Feeling Cafe, I was looking for seats. 3 of them walked right away to a direction where the seat was occupied by a guy whose back facing us. When I was about to stop Shiang who's going for that seat, this guy turned over and looked at me. OMGGGGGGGGG!!! You have no idea how's my silly reaction. I covered my face with my hands and just keep on mumbling: Omg Omg Omg, for many times until I MAKE SURE he's real, he's back in Malaysia!!!

All of them keep laughing and laughing. Phew~ I was never so surprised and embarassed like this. Anyway, I must say this out loud~ WELCOME BACK, HWAN!!!

For even more info, kindly refer to Theng's blog about this.

L-R: Yimin, Shiang and Hwan
Playing cards

Shiang keep on CHE
ATING by letting himself own the 'dee's with him
And of course, he's the winner almost all rounds

Ooi(Yimin) + Shiang
We kept laughing at his new lame nickname, MICHAEL
(Oops sorry xD)

My buddies, Shiang and Hwan

Look at both silly Hwan and Theng

Theng with the snoring pig =P

Forgot what made Theng laughed so happily

Together with me this time

Ooi and Hwan~ Both having charming sweet smile

Both of us having all sorta MIXED feelings
Happy + Awkward
+ Shy ><
If only you notice the changes on Hwan's smile, hmm~

P/S: Luckily with the dim environment in Feeling Cafe, my face after facial isn't look that bad in photo. Though it's bad, but not to that extent I expected. Phew~ ^^


Hwan said...

I was very very nervous as well. imagine sitting there, anticipating to see some1 special after a few years... anyway, 1st stage of plan succeeded! hehe! stay tune for the following stages.

Sharon Ng said...

Hehe it was so sweet ^^
Happy for you, ching..

Btw, i keep laughing at Shiang's name when I 1st heard about it too.. Michael.. wahahaha!!!
Hope he wont kill me after seeing this =p

Casley said...

hahahaha~ same goes to me that still have to sit beside with my face like that.. u've no idea how regret i was going for facial that time.. ><

1st stage??? what's that? but definitely, stay tuned for more!!!

Casley said...

thx very much, sharon.. *happy* ^^

yaya, same here.. i kept on laughing when the first time i heard it as well.. can't stop laughing..then when i meet shiang, i still can't stop laughing n teasing his name.. he wont mind de lah.. hahahhaahahha~ *evil*

L1nG L1nG said...

I knew about this "surprise" from Theng's blog looooong time ago. But you didn't tell me anything about this surprise =( Guess it is because I am so insignificant that you don't even want to share with me T___T Haha, joking joking.

Anyway, I am sure you look gorgeous as usual, though after the facial treatment. I have no doubts about it ^^

Is Shiang a big fans of Prison Break? Haha, if you know what I mean =P

Casley said...

hahaha loonnnnggg time ago.. no surprise.. nolah, u know a lot.. hehe~

scare of facial lor.. everytime got scars..

michael scofield!!! of coz i know.. n i think u're the big fan of prison break..xD

L1nG L1nG said...

Yes I am!!! Michael Scofield is soooooooooooooo YENG and he is super duper smart *___* Also, he looks the BEST when he is in deep thought!!!


Casley said...

i watch all the seasons.. except the last few episodes!!!! i dunno what happen to the end!!! thx my dad who wanted to watch another channel.. ><