Sunday, December 13, 2009


The pics will do the sayings for this entry~

Breakfast at House Cafe

The sleepy Hwan
Lack of sleep due to the Forever Love pressie

Still remember the entry where I introduced you Casual? Let me intro you his family along.

Left to right: Rolex, Casual, Baby G
3 borther-bears that accompany through his childhood

Hmm.. What are you looking at?

Don't look at me lah
I shy shy neh

Told you not to see lor
I NO EYE see you

Oklah let you see more

I'm camwhore prince =P

Tawakal Mee as dinner.

Whoo~ so nice~

Used to call it 'O O mee' - 黑黑面

Where are you going?
Don't go..... =(


sweet_cherry said...

i wana go house cafe too!!

Hwan said...

go la.... no 1 stop u.

Casley said...

lets go together when u're back!! ^^
hwan so sui.. ><

sweet_cherry said...

yeah,v go without hwan..blek..