Saturday, December 12, 2009

♥ Forever Love ♥

Here we are in Sunway Pyramid, back to the our first and last outing in Sunway before he left Malaysia 2 years ago.

I'm happy to dine in this very Nando's, again

Stingy Hwan who did surprised me that time
how happy he was to have BOTTOMLESS ice lemon tea

Ravishing X'mas deco with fountain @ Sunway Pyramid

Me, being a photobomb here ><

Taken by Hwan

If only you can notice the petite me
Seriously love the blue neon lights

We watched Princess and the Frog

No much comments about this movie. The songs are really great. It's fun to hear kids' laughters along with the movie, as though you're feeling YOUNG again.

I've always love to watch movie with my legs crossed
Hmm I mean shoes off, that's very comfy

Look at someone who imitate me
Look at his hairy leg!!!

Okay, I know I shouldn't put this here
Hwan laughed so hard to see the UGLY me

Minus an arm and a feet from me

Reddish X'mas deco

Where's everyone?
Not even a shadow~

No one's skating right now
I would be glad if I can skate alone

That must be real fun

We headed home after wacthing the midnight show. No no no, it's not an end yet. I've actually received SOMETHING right before I leave the car. Hwan gave me something packed inside a plastic bag. He was so shy and stopped me immediately when I was about to take a peep. I respect him but I couldn't wait to see what's inside it. I opened it once I get into my room, haven't even had my clothes changed. And......... he did surprised me so so so much!!! I'm very very impressed!!! Speechless.... I don't know what else I can say...... He's a DINOSAUR!!! Extincted man!!!

Hmm a CUTE dinosaur of course.

Hmm too cute? How about purple-green-dino? ^^

Okay, cut the craps and get back to the main. Let me proudly present you the very F.I.R.S.T production of Hwan~








♥ Forever Love ♥
100% HANDMADE by Hwan himself!!!!

Pics are taken by Hwan

Love it so much!!!
Okay, if you can notice the 2 brown classic papers
Hwan actually wrote something to me

Not going to expose the content here anyway
All I can say is it's a Confession of LOVE

100% sincerity!!!
100% ORIGINAL idea from Hwan, how creative!!!
Feeling so sweet~

*Copyrighted, DON'T COPY!!!*
*Sorry to say so, 'cause I found COPYCATS in myblog*

What's more??? There are a pair of rings inside it!!!
Gosh, I was so so so SHOCKED!!!!!
Well, it's not some expensive and diamond ring blablabla

But as I always said, it's SINCERITY that counts

More exciting posts coming up!!! Till then~


sweet_cherry said...

aiyo,ching..u shud post ur handmade present as well..
den let ppl c u win o hwan win like laz time u 2 let me b the judge..hehe

L1nG L1nG said...

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SWEET!!!


Casley said...

theng~ good idea, its a good chance to let ppl judge huh? but i worry i'll lose.. hahahhaha..

p/s: thx very much for lending a hand to hwan in doing this present, (the materials and place to to it).. THX!!!! ^^

Casley said...

Ling~ yeah, he's very sweet lor.. UNEXPECTED.. xD

sweet_cherry said...

wont least u gt my vote..
bt hwan wan oso nt bad coz it's make by a guy..hehe..
no nid ke4 qi4 lahh, he is my hing dai n u oso 1 of my close fren mahh..when frens nid help,sure help geh..n i free tat time too..hehe..

Casley said...

thats what im worry.. he's a guy.. thats consider very very good liao..

he's ur hingdai, then am i ur jimui? thx, thats very kind of u.. ^^

going to prepare for mine now.. hehehehe..

wen said...

I couldnt believe Mr.Hwan actually did that! You've got a wonderful man girl! =)

sweet_cherry said...

of coz lahh..hwan is my hing dai n u r my ji mui..haha..

wen: yaloh, the effect here looks much nicer when u c in reality..btw,its vr nice..coz i hvnt see a guy do such thing so nicely except hwan..(hwan,u lose my vote, bt i praise u here..hehe..coz i like ching's 1..coz tat is my style,wat i wil do..xP)

Casley said...

Wen~ yeah thats why i said he's dinosaur!!! Never even thought of it.. ^^

Casley said...

Theng~ hahaha thx thx, we have same style.. he's so sad.. anyway we have even votes now.. will see who's the 'winner' very soon..LOL~

Sharon Ng said...

Hehe so sweeet of Hwan, really never think that he'll do so..
It's so Sweet!!! =p

Casley said...

Haha, he's really sweet.. we used to see his COOL face, but now... LOL!!!