Friday, December 4, 2009


Mum isn't at home.
Was out and no dinner's served tonight.
I'm starving. LUCKILY.......

Someone TAPAO for me!!!

However, there's an hour delay in the delivery
(Before this, I've waited another hour for the food to be prepared)
This is because the careless delivery man actually
forgot to switch off the car headlights while waiting for the food

*Should I tell you that this careless man is HWAN?* =P

Well, though it's LATE
(he's back from work in Shah Alam + terrible traffic jam)
and it's just some ordinary foods....
I'm touched....
And I'm surprised to hear.....
"Never mind lah. I TREAT YOU."
If only you know him well,
then you'll get what I mean.

Not some delicacy
but definitely a FULL STAR for sincerity

Tawakal Hokkien Mee
I know it doesn't look tempting here

Yet I still want to post the pics here

It's sincerity that counts

Whoo~ I love this

P/S: Hmm.. Something very wrong with him. I smell a rat.


Hwan said...

what the...!!! not tempting??!! u know this is definitely some delicacy for those who's staying overseas??!! I'm craving for "tawakal" food! ahh.... drooling....

Casley said...

hahaha coz there's no tawakal food in NZ.. poor you.. but u have frozen yoghurt.. i dun think we have that kind of yoghurt here..

L1nG L1nG said...

Soooooooooooooo sweet!!! What Hwan did for you really reminds me of "sweet" feeling, which has been disappeared from my life for years! Haha..

I am soooooooooooo happy for both of you! Stay sweet =)

Casley said...

just gain that back if possible.. we gals do love sweet feeling.. but of coz we do hope this feeling will last FOREVER!!! LOL~

thx very much lingling.. u stay sweet too.. ^^

sweet_cherry said...

next time when i bek,v go hav tawakal hokkien mee bahh..long time din eat d..mis it so much..=)

Casley said...

sure!!! we go there without hwan.. hahahha.. when u're coming back?

sweet_cherry said...

erm,wil hv final next gt 2gaps during the exam week..if gt time,i wil come bek..if nt,hv 2 wait til may den oni can cum bek for few days coz i hv no sem break,gt short sem for doing my bengkel..

hwan,do u mind if i go wif ching without u?? xP

Casley said...

final!!! wow... all the best to u theng!!! no sem break.. =( hmm then juz let me know if u're free to gai gai..hehe~

too bad he cant join us.. LOL~