Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy birthday to darling!!!

Me with the birthday boy

Well, as you can see, I'm still having my braces *oops* in these pics so you'll know this is a super outdated entry. Yeap this is all about darling's birthday last year which I've forgot to publish. ><
Without darling's notice, I secretly went to KLCC to buy his present
The most expensive birthday present I've ever bought
Sunglasses? Hmm~

Mineral water? How rediculous~
Nah, got this for free when I made the purchase
.... To be continued ....

Hehe I bet you know what's the another surprise for him by looking at this pic
I've actually asked help from darling's mum to bake a cake together for him!!!
My very first time baking at other people's house

Darling was out to work
so he couldn't find out what's going on xD

Anyway, when we baked till half way.......
Darling told me he's taking half-day off and is on the way back!!!
OMG~~~~ What am I suppose to do?
How can I hide myself and the cake?!!!!

I've got no choice but to let him know that I'm baking for him
He somehow 'smell' something when I asked him not to come back early on the phone
Anyway, he's very happy to see the cake

Oh yeah, we're making peach cake *drool*

That's me and his mum, working on the cake together ^^

Darling took part in decorating the cake
Wow this has somehow become a meaningful cake

Adding the peach on the top

Ta-da!! It's done!!
Look nice? It tastes great too!!

Here are the presents I gave him
A handmade card and a Braun Buffel wallet!!!

Hah! If you're observant enough, you should have spot us got ourselves changed
Hmm so what's the plan next??? =P

Before going out, a pic with his whole family is a must!
♥ Happy family ♥

The pressie

100% handmade birthday card from me

Have a peek at the content ><



We came to Fullhouse after that
Haha this is one of the restaurant that came to my mind when
I thought of an affordable restaurant and comfy environment

Cute menu

Cute couple~ LOL

I like the place simply because almost everything here
are in WHITE colour, my fav colour

Lamb chop for him

While I had spaghetti
I love spaghetti!!! Yummmmmm~

Don't try to mess up with me when I'm having dinner!!!

Even my prince know how to camwhore now xD


Lovely flowers

We're not heading home after dinner
We went ot somewhere else instead, one of my favourite place

Have any clue now by looking at the environment?

SkyBar is a place I never get bored to come for a drink
Too bad, it's so full that day that we only can sit on the upper level
We didn't stay there since I only want the best spot sitting on the couch beside swimming pool!!!
Greedy me but I feel lucky whenever I thought of the best spot I got on my birthday last year

♥ Silly couple ♥
*Wink wink*

Happy birthday once again to darling
I love you!!! Muacks!!!

Last but not least, have a look at the pressie I got him during form 2!!! Yes, it was 8 years ago!!!!! I thought he has lose it somewhere around the edge of the world, but he's keeping it so well!!!

A very simple pressie from me when we were still young

Still got my name (stamper) there okay?
Haha lanci pula~
It's a lil yellowish after so long

I'm very surprise and happy that he's still keeping it


L1nG L1nG said...

Nice post!!! Stay sweet with Hwan =)

P.S. I might be wrong but I think I kind of recognised the dress! You look very sweet =)

Casley said...

Thx lingling.. surprised that u're always the first to comment!! yeap, i wore it once when i took family pic for my sis graduation.. y ur memory is always that good?! LOL!!

p/s: when ur blog is open again? ><

Casley said...

krystal ♥ said...

isit a hand made card by u ? >.<

** reply to krsytal that comment at previous post**

Yeap, it's 100% handmade by me.. but part of the idea is inspired from others..=P

domokun said...

wa...u 2 so sweet!!!since form 2..walao...u all since when pak to one..?so sweet TT Its so sweet baking the cake with ur drling's mother too..awww...envy TT

~Lindaconda said...

looks yummmmy!!

Casley said...

Domokun~ hmm just since 2 years ago.. haha its kinda awkward at that time, but its fun.. haha no need envy, do it for ur boy bog too!! xD

Lindaconda~ taste great huh.. =)

George said...

woahh so lucky to be ur bf (:

--andy-- said...

sweet couple, u even bake a cake, so loving :)

Casley said...

George~ u're absolutely right.. LOL.. im lucky to have him too.. xD

Andy~ thx.. not easy to bake the cake by myself, since i dun bake always.. haha but luckily the cake tastes good.. =P

PuiLing :) said...

dropping by, you're a great girlfriend, hehe:)

SuFang (Careen) said...

So sweet :)

Anonymous said...

wow sweet!

RS said...

the cake looks GOOD!!! omg, so hungry now... and thanks for visitng my blog. =)

CHEEN said...

wow, i love yer pics :DD
belated happy birthday to yer boyfriend :DD haha. you seemed you had a lot of fun XD

Casley said...

Puiling~ thx.. ^^ *blush*

Careen~ thx sweetie.. =)

Anonymous~ Thx..

RS~ haha my first time bake a cake SUCCESSFULLY.. luckily it tastes great LOL..

Cheen~ thx thx.. yeah we did had lotsa fun.. juz hope he had a very HAPPY birthday.. =P

Euniceee said...

yer... so sweet meh? ><
Like that la now... sweet dao~~~~~ cannot tahan...8 years eh... there where certainly be more than 8 years for this relationship! haha! God bless u both!

jennifer said...

walao! sweet till ants are crawling around!

Melissa Ong said...

that handmade card is awesome~~~~~ all the best for love birds in the world!

Diana said...

Aww you two are so cute! He's so lucky to have a thoughtful gf like you. I've never thought about using peaches that way to make a flower-very creative! I hope this years bday was documented as well! :)

˙·٠•●♥ Stephanie ♥●•٠·˙ said...

So sweet larh u both! XD

Eason said...

sunglasses....>COOL !

Casley said...

Euniceee~ thx thx.. haha not 8 years lah.. its the present that i gave him 8 years ago.. =)

Jennifer~ wah ants.. so exaggerate meh? xD

Melissa~ thx.. yaya, god bless.. ^^

Casley said...

Diana~ aww u're so sweet.. im lucky to have him as well.. going to suffer thinking for the idea for his bday next year, running out of idea/creativity!! LOL~

Stephanie~ thx.. hope the sweetness stay long.. ^^

Eason~ i din buy the sunglasses though.. =P

Michael said...

You guys look great together...

I wish you many many years of happy times...

Belated happy birthday!

Show Me Your Look Today

Michelle Leong said...

nice! so lovely of u! i like ur handmade cake n bday card! ^^

Casley said...

Michael~ thx very much for the wishes.. =)

Michelle~ thx sweetie.. haha glad to see him feel touched when he saw the handmade cake n the bday card.. ^^

` Yi Han said...

Awww thats so sweet! ;D

Casley said...

Thx sweetie.. =)

Anonymous said...

The handmade card was so lovely.. :)
Did you make it from some handmade paper or bought it from the market?