Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Oh yeah, a BIG day for me and him. =X

Went to Sungai Wang to have his Xbox modified. Before this we had our dinner at BarBQ Plaza at Timesquare. Sorry but a thumb down for this restaurant. The foods served were just awful for me. Jung Won Korean BBQ is still the BEST so far!!!

WE @ BarBQ Plaza

A pic to memory the BIG day~
You'll find out if only you can spot
the difference
between these 2 pics we taken

Trying out some clothes in Soda outlet
Not buying it though, too short ><

Ching & Hwan the poseurs
Heart this pic

So have you spotted the difference in the pics? Yeah both of us hang the rings he bought on the necklace. We helped each other to put on the necklace and this is how our LOVE STORY started after we've met each other 15 years ago!!!

Power rangers?!!! O.o
One of Hwan's favourite tv series during his childhood ><
Should've asked him to go up there and
take some pics
with his heroes xD

Swan in X'mas

Previous pic looks better huh?
Casley = photobomb xD

Here we're, at Peishi's house after shopped for whole day. It was really late at night the time we reached her house, around 11pm. It has been so longgggg since I last met her. She's leaving Malaysia to Michigan, US the next day. Yet she's still not going to sleep early. Well, you gotta spend your time here with family and friends to the fullest while you're still here right?

PeiShi, Hwan and I

Shy shy Hwan

The gals teasing Hwan

All the best to Peishi who's leaving Malaysia (though I know she might not going to read this). ^^


L1nG L1nG said...

Hi pretty, you should buy the white dress because you look gorgeous in it!!!

Btw, it is good to have a boyfriend who loves taking photos with you. My current bf doesnt like taking photos. I think the photos you had with Hwan are more than the photos I had with my boyfriend.

Stay sweeeeeeet!!!

Casley said...

thx very much sweetie!!! i found it very hard to wear so short out there nowadays.. in malaysia somemore.. unless i have family or friends with me.. LOL!!! thinking too much..

hmm he hateD to take pics last time de.. what i told him was: how if one day when u grow old n u wanna look back the days before either urself or others, but u have no any pics as memory?

guys normally like this.. try to tel kc, maybe he'll change his mind? hehe~

L1nG L1nG said...

Then make sure that you do not wear this when you are alone! It is very SAYANG that you didn't buy it as I said, you look gorgeous in it =)

Haha.. Even though we have been together for 5+ years but the number of photos we took are very limited. I always love to take photos but he doesn't so I don't want to force him lorrrrrrrrrrrrr =(

Casley said...

yalor.. i never dare to wear this short alone, especially when i have to take train.. not being racist(or perhaps i am,LOL) i just feel so insecure wearing like this with 'foreigners' in train..

hmm.. then very sayang lor.. i like to take pic so i can keep sweet memory FRESH enough..but if can't, then just take pic of urself.. CAMWHORE!!! my favourite~