Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cosplay Avatar

It's Comic Fiesta (Malaysia's leading annual convention for Animation, Comics and Games culture) in Sunway Pyramid. Please note that I'm not an anime fan, just bumped into it coincidentally. And for me, a photo shooting is a must. I was in great interest as I never attend in such event, seeing people wearing in this kind of what-I-called-EXAGGERATE costumes. Wondering how they could be so crazy in it.

Maid cosplayNow I know why so many guys were there
*Lenglui, phew witt* =P

Got these pics from google
Sorry for not crediting
I've actually forgot the source ><

Cosplay at Sunway Pyramid 2009
Huge weaponEven the weapon is so much bigger than her ><

Wanted to take pics with them. But hardly find the chance, cause too many people waiting to take pics with them. Somemore it's WEIRD that me, wearing a proper dress to take pic with them who had their super striking costumes, such a great contrast!

I've no idea about 99% of the cosplay characters there. Feeling as though I'm at another part of the world. People were preparing for their costumes, adjusting their super striking wigs, camwhoring with their friends, walking around to show off, trying to get people's attention. I was amazed to see all these. I'm just way too FARRRRRR from these people.

By the way, we were given some freebies such as anime leaflet and game CD. But I don't think I'll play it anyway.

Had fun at Comic Fiesta, Sunway PyramidThis guy let me pose with holding his weapon
Okay, I know I can't even strike my pose well
If you notice the people behind me
ALL wearing their costumes

Hmm can anyone tell me who's this character?

Ichigo Kurasaki @ Comic FiestaOkay I know this one for sure!!!
Kurasaki Ichigo

Whee my favourite character in Bleach

Erm, yeah I do watch Bleach!!! ><
Stucked at episode 70

Went for Avatar after lunch. Nice movie!!! No wonder it got so many great reviews. For me, Avatar is an awesome film with compelling story line and incredibly stunning visuals. The scenery in Pandora spellbound me. Totally amazed!!!

Hwan, showing his living place in NZ to me
by using the demo iPhone

Playing with my scarf LOL!!!
It's not NZ here lah wei

Slightly blurry

Photo taking session again~
While waiting for our dinner

Princess Casley

Professional photographerHwan~ trying to be a PRO photographer

I was attempting to camwhore in the car
but this guy who's DRIVING joined me
and even struck his POSE

Have no idea till I checked the pics I'd taken

Falling in love with bracesAm more and more confident in my braces


L1nG L1nG said...

Wow.. Another new dress!!! As usual, you look very pretty =)

And.. VERY SWEEEEEEEEET with Hwan! "_____"

Damson said...

Fuyoh, err...sorry too long ago ive abandoned my blog so i forget what you wrote back there...only remember you say more and more confident of your bruises..ah i mean braces.....yeah you should...food dont always got stuck there...............

Casley said...

hahaha.. yaya another dress.. anyway, should have put on the belt to look better.. felt very awkward that time actually.. LOL~

Casley said...

fuyoh, its been ages since u last commented in my blog!!! bruise ur head.. hahaha embarass ler, if got food stuck there.. this is one of the reason i bring along my toothbrush no matter where i go..xD

Damson said...

ya...i saw your little BRUSH before...lol....

Casley said...

yaya, i bring it everywhere.. ^^

Sharon Ng said...

hehe u look good with braces oh dear, so when can take it off?? guess on the way right??

Hwan said...

Thx to me hehe