Monday, April 12, 2010

♥ Forever Love ♥ ...... Again?

So, after you have seen what Hwan gave me as the porposal pressie in the previous post, guess what? I'm going to make him one too!!! Of course, I did it secretly without him realised about it. This is mainly to reply what he wrote to me. I made the pressie with the same theme he did for me~ FOREVER LOVE.

Steps or Procedures to make Handmade love card for boyfriendProcessing~~~~ 5%

How to make a handmade valentine card for boyfriend steps by steps...... 15% .....
Okay, let's have a look at my final work.

100% handmade love card valentine card for boyfriend100% HANDMADE
(Boxes, love, note.... Everything!!!)

lock and key patterned love card valentine cardIf you're observant enough, you'll notice
I've made the letter PURPLE and GREEN colour
(which represent me LOL~)
with a heart's coming out from the letter

AND the most importantly,
a golden key that holding my heart

Handmade love letter for valentineA simple Forever Love note
to reply his proposal pressie

Green notes kept inside
a Purple box with the shape of LOVE
Names carved on valentine cardA bigger box to keep everything inside
♥ Andy-Casley

Carve own name / valentine's name on card♥ Hwan-Ching ♥ on the opposite

Perfect handmade valentine card giftOverall look

Well, if you think that's all, you're WRONG!!!
Hmm.. Have you ever think about the other 2 sides of the bigger box?
I won't leave it blank of course........
But there's something you should do to have a better view.....










Glow in the dark handmade valentine card- Forever Love

You should see it with the lights off!!
Forever Love *Glow in the dark*

Glow in the dark birthday card- love shaped

♥ Glowing Heart ♥

All these took me a total of 4 days, totally in a frenetic pace. Luckily Hwan's at Shah Alam the time I made this, so I can just stay at home and deal with this. Can't wait to show him on Thursday when he's back to KL.

What's more interesting here is I'm going to have this post as a
. For you guys to vote for the pressie you like. Actually both of us having even votes now. FYI, Theng voted for me and my sis voted for him!!!! LOL. My sis voted for him!!! Argh~ So please just place your precious vote here. LOL~ We won't kill each other for this, don't worry. xD

Click here to look at the pressie Hwan made for me~
Again, it's unusual for a guy to have the thought and intention to do all these.
You can vote for both at the same time if you want.
So.... VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! ^^
Leave a comment to vote.



hwan said...

I did suspect about that.

Ladies and Gentlemen, before you vote, please consider these points as well:

1st, I'm not used to do this. I haven't been doing it since I was a kid when I did hand made cards for my mum. And, she's an ART TEACHER!!! For her, this is a mundane task.

2nd, time taken. I used a total of 1 night and half a day to search for materials and to do it. The exhaustion from work plus the lack of sleep counts ok? And she took her own sweet time of 4 days (I would say ++) so finished it.

Casley said...

wahhhh how can like this????
not fair..... hahahhahhaha..
we should look at the final work.... *defend for myself* xD

though an art teacher, but i made it with 101% sincerity!!!

L1nG L1nG said...

Can I vote for you both?! hahahahaahhaa XD

Both of you are really really really sweet =)

If this ever happens on me, I think I won't survive anymore because my heart would have been melted =P


Casley said...

sure can!!!! no problem!!!!

hahahaha thx so much lingling..

then should put ur melted heart into fridge.. u cannot die ar..... im stil waiting for u to come back here n gai gai, sing k with me....xD

Casley said...

One vote for Hwan, from YeeYan.. Reason: Hwan's a guy.. nicer and simpler cover.. and im an art teacher!!! Swt~ ><

She's not going to place comment here herself, claimed that she's very shy.. LOL..

Sharon Ng said...

Ching, I actually voted Hwan eh, because it's hard a guy to do so..

But yours is very great too..should vote u because u r my ji mui right??

Aiya, make me pengsan ady, vote both la, haha ^^

Casley said...

LOL!!!!!! all wanted to vote for him becoz he's a guy!!!!

hahahaha dun faint my dear.. otherwise austin will kill me.. Thx very much for voting!!!! ^^

Patricia said...

knowing u 2 since primary, was and still ching's vote goes to TAN TUAN HWAN!! Congratulation!...hahaha...reason: i am not surprised by ching's awesome work cus she is always awesome. but hwan...i think i should stop calling u "kayu" dy...u are a sweet sweet guy now,"kayu manis" ^^

Casley said...

hahahahaha pity me.. everyone's surprised for what he had done..yeah indeed he surprised me greatly as well..

LOL.. he's upgraded from kayu to kayu manis.. well done!!!

pat's first comment here.. thx very much for voting dear.. =P

hwan said...

pat, Yeah... I've finally upgraded from a wooden block to cinnamon... so happy... =.=" (only a malaysian chinese will get this) but it's a nice one.

thx for your vote anyway.

hwan said...

okla... I would say urs is very discrete esp the picture in front. Can see that you've put a lot of effort and thought to come out with tat idea.

It's very special bec of the glowing in the dark. but tat's the tools you've come across. i never know such thing exist. else mine will b better. haha =P.

besides, the most important thing is I can sense and feel the sincerity and the love from every single thing you did there. I somehow can imagine u doing all those.

so.... you can have my vote! Thank you very much my darling for the present! Muacks!

wen said...

Oh my gosh! Is that Hwan who uses "Muacks!" Hahahaha.. memang transform to kayu manis dah!!

I vote for Ching! *hugs Ching*

Hwan, go for art lessons! Xp.. Well, for a guy to do whatever you did.. Great job *pats pats* but got SO MUCH MORE to improve!! Xp..

hwan said...

hey wen, mine is inborn talent ok? i never attend any art lesson and i can come out with tat. it's totally my own idea. no copy, nothing. i wonder wat if i improve. best artist tat i'll b?? hahahaha.

i shouldnt use tat expression in front of every1. haha. pai seh.

Casley said...

Gosh darling votes for me.. Thx so much!!! Muacks!!! but im wondering whether our votes are valid.. hahaha.. so suspended temporarily? xD

If you can imagine how messy was my room.. family were wondering what BIG business i was into.. LOL!!!

Casley said...

Wen!!! thx so much for ur vote!!! hahaha.. *hugs hugs*

he did a very great job indeed as a guy.. and so many ppl voted for him!!! ^^

liL aLien:) said...

Nice handmade stuff!:D

Casley said...

hehe thx very much lil alien!!! ^^

min said...

i gv each of u a vote =) reali duno who to choose coz both pressie r NICE !!!

JUEN said...

ok, well, i now ching sure very gik over there. haha. but i had required to vote sincerely.

to ching, i like ur 1. from that, i can see u put a lot of efford on it. that time u gt told me u actually doing something for him. ur 1 very special, this is what cannot be deny. haha. i very admire ur artistic talent since last time. so, in term of design => CHING win. (as her best friend, i can 100% guarantee that ching did put a lot of afford in completing that present, there's her love on him that i know since long time ago)

my final decision is to vote for TAN TUAN HWAN!!! haha.. i vote for him is because vote for the love he gave u. you all had gone through so many thing and finally there is the fate holding both of u together.(which i not going to expose too much here. as i said before, i can see and feel the love ching gave to hwan. but from what hwan made for u, i can feel that he is really love u. is very hard for a guy to do do. haha.. ching, he really has in-born talent. haha.. n the present he gave it to u is nice thought. i myself also cannot do it! before this, u told me orally bout this present. i noe the meaning well. that time i already impressed with it. so......

BRAVO!!! HWAN!!! CONGRAT HWAN!!! u get a vote from me. =)

Hwan said...

Oh thx juen n every 1 tat has voted for me. Like I said there r more cool nice stuffs coming up to surprise. Hehe.