Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Great Commercial from Pantene

I've watched numerous Thai commercials in youtube. Undeniable, their commercials are very creative and meaningful, some are very funny on the other hand. I love their commercials very much and wondering why I can hardly find such commercial in Malaysia. What a sad case.

Here's one I just came across this brilliant commercial and it really touched my heart. Definitely think it should be shared with my readers. Well, it's not 100% related with the Pantene products, but this ad did successfully convey something different from others. Despite the super tempo at the end, yet it's still a great commercial for me. Thumbs up for Thai commercial!!!

Notice the song when the ad just get started for the first second. I know this is something going to attract me. That's it, my most favourite song~ Canon in D. Love it so much!!! ^^


L1nG L1nG said...

Very nice and touching commercial ^^ Thanks for sharing!!!

Casley said...

u're most welcome,lingling!! attracted by thai commercials lately.. hehe.. ^^