Monday, April 26, 2010

My first Penang trip with Mei Kawada

Don't be surprise to see a Japanese name in my entry title. Hehe, this is all because I'm going for a trip to Penang with Hwan and his family AND a Japanese young girl, Mei. She's actually here for the student exchange programme. Hwan's sis, Michelle will be going to Japan next year in return. Argh, JAPAN!!! *Envious*

Alright, before we started our trip to Penang, we decided to bring her to KLCC SkyBridge. It's a must, especially for tourist. Click here to check out for the first time I was there, alone. We went there early in the morning to get the tickets. Unfortunately, there're just too many foreign tourists queueing up(since it's winter break now). We had no choice but to postpone it as we're going to Penang in noon, we don't want it to be too hurry.

Failed to get tickets for SkyBridge
Went for a walk at KLCC park instead
Me, wearing both of our ring-necklace ^^

Marry me Juliet♥ Will you marry me? ♥
Hwan spotted a ring on the floor

RingWe decided to put it back on the floor
Who knows the owner might return and look for it right?
It might not be some kind of expensive ring

but perhaps a ring full of valuable memory

*I know I'm thinking too much LOL*

KLCC ParkPark in the city
So nice to jog here early in the morning

Commit suicideHwan~ trying to commit suicide
Hmm but before doing so,
please let me hold that RotiBoy for you okay?

That's our snacks on the way to Penang later

KLCC morning viewKLCC view in the morning

Sexy manSaw this BEAUTIFUL man doing exercise
He's very sexy, looks like gal *oops*
With his hot pant and nicer butt than me LOL~

Camwhore coupleI look bad here but this is a valuable pic for me
simply because he's the one taking the pic
Going to give him camwhore lessons hehe~

Love at KLCCWe had this same HEART pose at night in the previous post
Here's come the morning one

Tian Hou Gong 天后宫Brought Mei to Tian Hou Gong 天后宫
2 tiger princess

Mei, Grace, Michelle and Hwan

The professional conductorConducting orchestra @ Tian Hou Gong

Girls fight?Whoo.. 3 pretty moving to opposite directions
Argue? Having communication problem?

Mei~ lighting on the joss stick

Kuan Yin, Goddess of MercyI used to kneel down to get the water from Goddess Kuan Yin
which dispenses water from her jar when I was young
But I'm upset to see it's under renovation
Worse still, I don't think it's really under renovation
It's full of spider web that I think it just got abandoned =(

King of the worldI'm the KING of the world

Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaKl view from Tian Hou Temple

Super nice handphoneMy new handphone!!!!

White handphone from Sharp....Nah, in my dream.....
It's Mei's
Love it in white and the hangings

On the way to Penang.....On the way back to childhood of Hwan........

... 10 ...

... 9 ...

... 8 ...

... 7 ...

... 6 ...

... 5 ...

... 4 ...

... 3 ...

... 2 ...

... 1 ...


Giraffe killerYou gotta be kidding me!!!!
Giant him ride on the little giraffe

Watch out before you get caught on spoiling public facilities

We stopped by to have some snacks and get some rest actually. You know, it's a 4-5 hours drive from KL. We had Ice-cream and cold drinks due to the effing HOT weather. Atsui neh~

Gosh all these are for those under 12 sir~
You're 21!!!

Look at the little girl
What a great contrast

Mei and Michelle joined the fun
While me as the photographer busy
enjoying my ice-cream

Penang BridgePenang bridge

Gurney Hotel, PenangHere we are, finally
@ Gurney Hotel

4 star Gurney HotelProminent deluxe
Very blur here though

Bath taken. Rest enough. And it's time to feed our hungry stomachs!

Penang rojakRojak

Penang Tom YamTom Yam

Penang Char Koay TeowChar Koay Teow
We were so surpirsed to see the long queue in this stall
We decided to queue here as well
despite lots more of Char Koay Teow stalls out there

Penang - Food paradiseDamn crowded
Food paradise, they called it
Everyone dropped by to have some bites of the delicacy

Penang Lok LokI brought Mei to Lok Lok stall

She seemed so happy and she really love 'si ham'

Finally we had Char Koay Teow as our last dish
after taking turn to queue for around 20 minutes

Plaza Gurney, PenangShopping @ Plaza Gurney

Gurney Drive,George TownWent for a walk at Gurney Drive
Enjoy the chill wind

4 of us, taken by Hwan's mum

Stay tuned for more updates!!!


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Hello from penang and welcome to penang!

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