Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beauty Expo

International Beauty Expo Malaysia sticker
Went to International Beauty Expo (IBE) which held in KLCC from 22-25 May. I don't know much about make up, I don't even know how to draw eyeliner!!! BUT, this is definitely a good chance for me to learn more.

Free hand art drawing skill at Beauty Expo Malaysia

Nail polish in Beauty Expo Malaysia KLCCArgh, nail polish from Jolin!!! I love her!!! ^^

Dollywink eyelashes products sold in Beauty Expo Malaysia KLCCArgh (again), Dolly Wink!!! What a shame to say this, but I really
don't know how to put on a fake eye lashes

Never even try it before, what a failure! =(

Hair care products @ Beauty Expo Malaysia KL Convention CentreSaw this pretty amazing product
Look at the man's hair (or look at the screen)
He has terrible hair loss problem

OPI or O.P.I nail polishes at Beauty Expo Malaysia KLCCAfter the lady tapped some powder like products onto his hair
His hair miraculously 'grows' back in just around 30 seconds!

latest trendy nail polish at beauty expo malaysia KLCCYou've no idea how happy I was to see all these nail polish
I wish I have more money to bring them home

I'm just so in love with the beautiful colours

NailAttracted by this latest nail polish, it's very unique
Kinda expensive though, RM49 each
Anyway, there's BUY ONE FREE ONE promotion for these 4 days

Nail art from taiwan in beauty expo malaysiaThere are 15 colours of the nail polish
What so unique about the nail polish is that after you apply it on your finger,

the nail polish will start to crack to form different patterns
of leopard print
as what you can see from the picture above

Amazing huh?

The one selling these are a couple came from Taiwan
The wife told me that these are the
4 best selling colours

Guess what? I've bought some for myself!!!!

Black and red with a top coat

Jolin nail art at beauty expo malaysiaJolin has the same crack nail polish too
I didn't buy since it has almost the same price with the one I bought

I must say BUY ONE FREE ONE concept really works

Somemore the quality of the one I bought is good, so why not?

KBS promotion at beauty expo malaysia cheap cheap cheap BB creamDamn cheap! The cheapest is sold for only Rm59!!!
(Normal price RM169!!! Crazy man~)

I want to buy BB Cream simply 'cause I want to learn make up LOL. I think it's time for me to know some make up basic. You know, how bad I feel to see even a 15/16 years old young gal can make up very well.

BB cream Skin79 beauty expo malaysiaThis is the BB Cream I've bought
It's Oriental Gold from Skin79

Skin79 BB cream Oriental reviewMain reason I chose this is because I can have
FREE cheekie and mirror at the same time

For Beloved one masks Niu Er Taiwan famous best selling masksI'm attracted by this brand
It is highly recommended
by the popular Taiwan Beauty Magazine "Queen"

Masks recommended by Niu ErLove the masks

Favoured by celebrities like Barbie Hsu, Niu Er, Annie Yi etc. It is said that by applying the mask for merely 20 minutes yields the same effect of applying 30 normal masks. Sounds really good huh? Anway,it's very expensive so I should just put in into my WISHLIST meanwhile.


sweet_cherry said...

omg,i like tis bad tat i'm nt at kl tat time..the nail color is so nice..i like it so much..n the baby cream is so cheap..if i was thr,i wil sure buy tat baby cream oso..wish 2 try it long time ago d..

Casley said...

yaya, dun worry, it will be back.. if u wan the bb cream, dun buy it now, if only u can wait.. coz its really cheap to buy during the fair than u buy it outside with normal price.. SAVE $!!! ^^

AL said...

no wonder that i don't see any man in the photos..
probably there was a sign outside,

'Men with wallet, DO NOT ENTER'.


sweet_cherry said...

haha..yaya..wait for the next fair 2 come..=P

Casley said...

Adrian~ I hardly see any guys there.. the guys there were mainly staff.. haha to warn the guys to take good care of their wallets..

Theng~ yaya, save ur money now.. then can go shopping that time..^^

L1nG L1nG said...

ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!! I want the nail polish =(

Please let me know if there are sales again =(



Casley said...

Ling~ LOL.. dun sad dun sad.. there will be another one on aug/sept.. hehe..

Sharon Ng said...

Hehe ching, too bad I cant go with you that day!! It's really cheap especially for the BB cream, huh =(

Let me know for the next sales and we go together ok??

Haha, btw I'm such a failure like you, my younger sis help me draw eye liner most of the time and I do not know about fake lashes at all =.="

L1nG L1nG said...

I wanna go too!!! Can you please inform me when the fair is on again? You still have my mobile number rite? Can I join you and sharon, if she doesn't mind? I really want to go!!! I want to buy the nail varnish T____T



Casley said...

Sharon~ sure, if u're free.. im juz worry that u gotta work.. hehe both of us are OLD enough to be failed.. look at the youngs one.. i feel very bad lor.. =(

Ling~ no problem sweetie!!! hehe waiting for u to come back! i still keep ur number, but is the line still active? hehe i know u love art nail too.. perhaps we shud do it together one day when u're back here.. LOL!!!