Tuesday, May 18, 2010

♥ Hada Labo

Still remember sis and I bought Hada Labo skincare products for mummy as her Mother's Day pressie? This entry is exclusively about Hada Labo! With a maxim of 'Perfect X Simple', Hada Labo aims to be the perfect solution to great and healthy skin. Also, a skincare range that brings beauty back to the basics~ perfect, simple and confident. By the way, the products are free of unnecessary additives, colorant, fragrance and mineral oil.

Set of both mixed Moisurizing and Whitening range

This moisturising lotion is a legend!
It's the no.1 face lotion in Japan now

1 bottle sold out every 4 seconds!!!

I wasn't really used to it since the lotion
is very sticky compares to other brands

The 'perfect' in the company's maxim of 'Perfect X Simple' refers to the three main ingredients that ground their skincare range~ Alpha Hydroxy Acid/Beta Hydroxy Acid (AHA/BHA), Arbutin and Super Hyaluronic Acid.

SHA Moisturizing Face Wash
The cleanser contains SHA (Super Hyaluronic Acid)
to help restore and preserve skin's natural moisture

Available in 50g and 100g

SHA Moisturising Milk

SHA(Super Hyaluronic Acid) has twice the moisture retention capacity of Hyaluronic Acid (1 gram of Hyaluronic Acid can retain up to 6 litres of water). This really WOWed me! Anyway AGAIN, it's way tooooo sticky!!!! Really can't fight with Biotherm moisturizer. HOWEVER the feeling of stickiness dissapears after you pat it into your skin. You can feel your skin fresh and hydrated instantly. ^^

Arbutin is an extract from the bearberry plant that has whitening properties

Each Arbutin Whitening Mask contains 20ml of whitening essence
Haven't try the mask yet

Will update this after try the masks together with mummy and sis xD

It's popular tagline~ One drop locks up an ocean. Sounds exaggerate huh? The commercial is even more exaggerating!!! Please don't slap tap your skin just like how the girl do in this commercial. Just tap lightly will do. By the way, 小池徹平 Koike Teppei is cute!!! =P

Click the official Hada Labo website (in English and Chinese version) for more info.

Thumb up for Hada Labo!!!


L1nG L1nG said...

Hi Pretty, after reading your mother's day post, I googled Hada Labo and only then I knew the brand! ARGH~ I am super duper outdated here =(

I feel so tempted to buy a set as well!!! How long have you tried it? Is it suitable for all skin types? Would you mind to share how much is the gift set? I want to see if it is cheaper to buy it in Malaysia or Japan =P

Thanks, pretty!!!

Casley said...

hahaha im advertising for hada labo.. they should pay me!!!! LOL.. we only have Hada Labo in Msia recently, no more than/around half year.. no advertisement oso..

its suitable for all skin type.. suit even for sensitive skin, this is what i heard lah.. its very cheap as i rmb.. im not sure exactly how much since sis the one who paid it..around rm200 i think, for whole set!!! so cheap!!!

hwan said...

ask mei to buy for u. hahaha. ling y u so geng 1? everything also u can give comment. a sign of "ji ja" aka "8" po. hahahaha. nola joking.