Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

First of all, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! I had a very enjoyable moment in my art classes that I would like to share with my readers. Students were asked to make cards for their mummies.

Ta-da~ This is what we're going to do
A card made by one of my student

I even snapped the process of making it ^^

Rub the crayon on a piece of paper
to produce a wavy pattern

Students found that it's hard to do this paper flower
The petals are actually made from 6 pieces of semi circle coloured paper

I was too busy to take pic of this steps
Guess what, I have to fold for almost all of them

It's too tough for them, most of them are just 6, 7years old!!!

80% completed

We need a lot of buttons hehe

Here's the outcome
A standing card with the message on it
Haha they're too young that still don't know how to write

So they just paste a printed message on the card

Student's hardworks They did really well

It's not easy to ask these terrorists to be obedient They're HYPER

The mummy and daughter So lovely

The cute little brother and sister

He is Ee Yuan and he is so so so cute!!!
Aww his big and round eyes remind me of
Hwan when he's still young

The sister, Zi Qing Same pronounciation with my chinese name
whom also study at SJK(C) Mun Yee!!!

Wanted to take pic with the little siblings
But here came Jia Wen the photobomb

Everyone laughed when they see this pic
Jia Wen seems like kissing Vim

who later on joined in as photobomb as well

Look at the silly Vim ><

JiaWen~ Naughty poseur
Anyway you'll never see JiaWen as active as this somewhere else
His mum claimed that he's too passive and quiet in kindergarten

Hahaha thus sends him here to SOCIAL

He looks so happy

My students and their mummy
I'm sure all mummies are very proud of their children

Again, Happy Mother's Day!!!
Hope some day my children will be as artistic as me(LOL)
to make me a card, even a simple one will do ^^

Lastly, kiss from playful JiaWen ^^


sweet_cherry said...

hey,jiawen..who say u can kiss jie jie geh?later hwan koko wil hit u..b careful!!

wen said...

Please allow me to take your idea of the button flower thingy and teach them to my students!! Xp..

Casley said...

hahahaha theng, i was worry too when i told hwan bout this.. luckily, he's fine since jiawen's still so young!!! LOL~

Casley said...

Evon, no problem!!! ^^ and thats really good that u inform me.. btw, u're teaching art too? =P

wen said...

Part time teacher in primary school, arts is one of my subject.. Xp..

Hwan said...

i also 1 2 teach art. i sure will excel. hehe.

L1nG L1nG said...

You are soooooooooo talented in arts! The cards look simple but they are great! Well done, pretty =)

Sharon Ng said...

WOw, you are really a great art teacher!! *Applause*

hwan said...

i am being vain here by admitting tat i'm good at art as well. n i'm also a good art teacher, martial art teacher.

sweet_cherry said...

hwan, martial art u ok lahh.. bt the other art let ching do lahh..
btw, faster go learn wing n ching wan learn wing chun =P teach us!!

sweet_cherry said...

hwan, martial art u ok lahh.. bt the other art let ching do lahh..
btw, faster go learn wing n ching wan learn wing chun =P teach us!!

hwan said...

hey u know wat, i'm going to meet a guy here in auckland. he used to be malaysian, but now he's a nz citizen n he's a cop here. n he teaches wing chun n i heard tat he's pretty good at it. might ask him to teach me some.

Casley said...

Ling n Sharon, thx sooo much!!! i'll keep it up and do my best!!! ^^

Casley said...

Wen, part time teacher in which primary school? i wanted towork in primary too, but they said dunwan part time de.. =(

Casley said...

Theng, yaya we want learn wing chun so bad after watching ip man.. hehe.. u're right, martial art for him and art for me.. =P

Casley said...

Darling becomes so vain now.. hahahaha.. after so many people praised you for the card.. wing chun, cool~

sweet_cherry said...

hwan, after learnt, cum bek teach us..haha