Sunday, May 23, 2010

KLCC SkyBridge

We brought Mei to KLCC skybridge today. Hwan wasn't going along with us since he has to work. I'm happy that Hwan's mum invited me to go along. ^^ Frankly, I feel kinda awkward to go with his family WITHOUT him.

Watch the 3D short clip about Petronas Twin Tower
before going up the SkyBridge
Mei, Grace, Hwan's grandma and mum

From the SkyBridge

Click here for more about SkyBridge

Us @ KLCC SkyBridge

Mei, a very nice girl that always smile
There is a communication problem,
yet her English is consider good as a Japanese

Grace, attempting to solve the puzzle

Camwhore in the souvenir shop while
Mei's choosing some souvenirs for her friends
But I must say some of them are way too pricey

RM 360 for a 4 x 6" (4R) photo frame!!!
Tell me, how many of you would buy this?

Mei loves Backstreet boys very much
She always hums their songs in the car
and I always keep singing along with her
She's happy to buy some of BSB's albums here in M'sia
as it's much more expensive in Japan

We went shopping after that. Hehe we bought some clothes from MNG, even the same clothes! xD

In the night, she prepared for a culture dinner and it's actually her last night in Malaysia!

She has fairer skin than me! =P

Look at the shy shy Hwan here LOL~

She's going for a culture dinner where all the Japanese exchange students are required to wear Malaysian traditional costumes. Hwan's mum suggested her to wear baju kurung and wanted to borrow from my sis. Too bad my sister's one is too small for her, haha. So I decided to buy one for her though she will only wear it for once. I chose a purple baju kurung since she loves purple very much and also, bought her some accessories. Now only I realise how expensive are the malay costumes, their baju kurung, especially kebaya. Phew~

Before going out for dinner
Only Hwan's parents were going along with her

They even have competition on the costumes
Some of them wear cheongsam, sari, baju kurung, kebaya etc

Lions Club
Youth Exchange Farewell Dinner 2010

Camwhore with darling after he's back from work


PS: Today I watched darling leaving for work on the doorstep (with a goodbye kiss hehe) early in the morning and happily waited for him to come back home in the evening. Both of us feel LUCKY and HAPPY.

❤ 幸福可以是很简单 ❤


Allie said...

rm360 for a photo frame? = = crazy man

L1nG L1nG said...

I haven't been to SkyBridge before! And also Broga Hills, Papa Rich etc. I am so so so outdated!!!

I like the last two sentences in this post, they were very sweet!!!

hwan said...

i also havent been to those place b4 la. no chance. haha.

Casley said...

who asks u to go to work? otherwise u can follow us.. hmm we can go when u're back to msia de.. ^^

Casley said...

LOL.. y suddenly broga hills n papa rich popped up geh? i never been there oso..

thx thx.. i oso dunno, juz a very simple action, but the feeling... very special.. xD

Casley said...

Allie, yeah thats really crazy.. i wont buy it though if i have the money..

L1nG L1nG said...

Hahahahaha.. To show how outdated I am!

I understand the special feeling, sth like married couples? hahahahaha XD

wen said...

it seems that hwan is still around in malaysia? is it?

Casley said...

Ling~ hahaha something like that.. though we arent married yet.. LOL!!!

Wen~ he's not here.. this is an out dated entry.. sorry.. =(

L1nG L1nG said...

Who knows? It might happen soon =P

Casley said...

hahaha that would be u first, sweetie.. xD i still have 4years time for study.. ><