Thursday, May 6, 2010

No violin and dancing at Gurney Drive?

We went for a walk at Gurney Drive seafront promenade yesterday after dinner. We were excited to see a couple playing violin and dancing there. Obviously, they'd successfully entertained the audiences. Michelle and I even recorded a short video clip of their performance. I felt really good to see such performance enlivened the beautiful night with the chilling wind. It just feel so nice. *Damn, we lost the pics and video!!!!*

As you can see, people enjoyed themselves very much that
they even sit down to see their performance

We even 'rewarded' them by placing $
into his violin case before leaving

What dissapointing me was when we read newspaper early in the morning today, we were surprised to know that people are NOT ALLOWED to perform at the promenade. It's ILLEGAL!!! The main 'characters' in the news are actually the couple we saw yesterday night!!!

Well, this is what happened according to the Star newspaper.

A Taiwanese guy and his Kazakhstan girlfriend were playing violin and dancing with hula hoops respectively Gurney Drive seafront permanade. What happened then was (we were left at that time, otherwise we would have witness this incident) a group of enforcement personnel showed up and seize their violin and hula hoops. The couple was told that their performance was illegal and they need to get approval from the authorities.

Anyway, this is not the first time the couple encounter this kind of incident. His sound system was seized before this but he managed to reclaim it. *He should be aware anyway since he had been warned before*

“I have performed in China, Thailand and Russia but have never encountered any such problem,” he said.

Come on, you guys (stupid authorities) let M stalls operate everywhere without even DISTUBING them. I'm not being racist, but all Malaysian should know that you can spot stalls almost everywhere, for instance Lrt station nearby my house. I can still see them OPERATING their BUSINESS even though there's a big SIGN BOARD written "Dilarang Menjaja-Hawking is prohibited".

WHAT A SHAME, Malaysia!!!

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