Friday, May 7, 2010

Penang *Part 3*

Going back to KL......... =( Feel like wanna stay longer here. There are much more places we haven't get to visit actually. We're even out of time for water activities.

Morning view from our living room

Love the bath tub

It's such a luxury relaxing in the bath tub
while enjoying the beautiful sea view

Enjoy morning walk at Gurney Drive very much

We dropped by 极乐洞
~Cavern of Utmost Happiness
which located in Ipoh

The garden outside the limestone cave

The entrance of the cave
You might never know what's waiting ahead for us

Behold, the gateway to the other part of the world

Approaching the gateway

Tada~ the other dimension of the world
You can know just how beautiful it is
by looking at Hwan in the pic-too excited
went way ahead of us ><
Totally forget about his darling and family

All in green!!!

I was excited to hear visitors singing
folk song~
小小羊儿要回家 far from the cave
The echo effect made the song sounds even nicer
I even sang along with them ^^

Very sunny
But never spoil my mood in this heavenly place

Just couldn't stop taking pic of it

Silhouette of dada
A thumb up pose

Thx Nigel for treating us 4 boxes of Him Heang biscuits
Yum yum all the way back~

We actually set the middle seats down so that
we can have a limo-style (they named it) laying down

Comfy journey whee~

On the way back to KL


Hwan said...

Hahahahahaha..... Sry. The place is just too nice that it has totally attracted me. But of course I won't forget abt all of u. I'll protect u all from monkey attack! The scenery attracts my eyes but darling u attracts my heart. So no worry.

L1nG L1nG said...

waaaaaaaaa!!! Hwan, what you have just said in your comment are very yuk ma!!! But I am really happy to see how sweet are you both =)

Stay sweet!!! =)

Casley said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL!!! never thought u'll say so in my blog.. but the place is really nice that it totally attracted me too.. no worry, i was walking too slow since i wanted to TAKE PIC!!! hehehe~

Casley said...

Thx thx.. ^^ Ling, very yuk mak hor? im surprised too.. the COOL hwan we used to know has transformed to HOT liao.. xD

L1nG L1nG said...

Apparently, you have melted his ice cold heart!