Thursday, May 27, 2010

Say hi to C903

Back to Chong Hwa with darling today. What for? I'm here to watch him practise Wushu. No much difference, the toilet is still as smelly as before. = =

Posing in the messy activity centre where
I guess they had some function last night

Happy to accompany darling to his Wushu class

Hwan didn't get to practise Wushu for 2 years until he's back to Malaysia now
It's been so long since the last time I see him wearing like this

This is my first time learning Wushu
I'm so weak that I felt dizzy after half an hour practise ><

Performing broad sword with a "dau gei" LOL
while vincent (Hwan's senior) is recording video

Practising Guan Dao (reclining moon blade) this time

After learning wushu, we went for lunch with Vincent. It's so long since my last time having fried rice behind our school. Headed to Timesquare to collect our handphones after that!!!

Happy showing off SE C903
Haha not some expensive mobile,

but we're happy to have couple mobiles xD

Can you notice a HEART shape in this picture?

We wanted to buy Aino as it's so nice
But the price is 'nicer'
So we got ourselves a cheaper one

Had espresSOUP for tea time
Have you try it before?
It's very nice, especially their mushroom soup

We were dragged here by the irresistable smell

Mushroom soup!!! My favourite!!!
Love it to the max~

Hwan's seafood (I forgot what it called) soup
Not nice ><

♥ Me ♥


Shirleen said...

so sweet to have the same phone.. :D

sweet_cherry said...

owh, wushu..nice nice..hw gud if i oso can learn my karate oso nt bad..hehe..btw, waiting for hwan 2 teach wing chun..hehe

L1nG L1nG said...

What a sweet couple! And nice couple phones ^^

Casley said...

Shirleen~ hehe very sweet indeed.. ^^

Theng~ haha he becomes our sifu then.. but have to wait very long.. ><

Ling~ thx, its hard to make decision actually.. i prefer aino more.. xD

Sharon Ng said...

Hehe nice couple phones, so sweet..

Casley said...

Sharon~ thx thx.. i love c903.. but i love ur aino too!!! LOL~