Monday, July 19, 2010

Classic Reddish Mushroom

Can't wait to do some nail art after I bought the OPI nail polish in NZ. Well, you're either going to love it or hate it. Why? I'm using classic bright red as my base. It's my very first time applying such reddish nail polish. I know some of you guys might not like it or think it's very 'aunty' yet I've decided to have a try on it. A RED and WHITE nail art~ resembles the mushrooms in Devonport in my previous entry. =P

Time for manicure using OPI off with her red!!!These are what I used in this entry
You must be wondering why is the Elianto nail polish doing here
Well, I love manicure so much that I've even brought them along with me to NZ! ^^

OPI Off with Her Red~ Alice in the Wonderland collectionApply the red colour polish after the base coat
FYI, this is OPI
*Off with Her Red*
Oh yeah this is from Alice in the Wonderland collection!!! Whee~
I don't really fancy red nails actually

But luckily it turned out to be okay for me

Stripes pattern using OPI red nail polish off with her red nail artMake a few stripes and fill up half of the nail diagonally in alternate finger nails

Sexy and hot manicure with OPI red nail polishLastly, place some white dots below the diagonally filled up nail
and don't forget to apply top coat after this

Love it or hate it Nice nail art by OPI red nail polish, Alice in the wonderland collectionHere's the outcome~
So how is it?
Love it? Hate it?

OPI red and white nail art manicure and pedicure set designOf course, you might want to try on other colours~
Other colours might even look nicer!!!

This is a very simple nail art that won't take too much of your time

Give it a try and have fun!!! ^^

PS: Now I wonder how if I go Devonport with the same dressing (red jacket and white sweater) together with this red and white nail art? Match to maxxx!!! xD


Gichy said...

I personally think it is nice. red can hardly be so nice. thus this is a great one.

L1nG L1nG said...

LOVE it =)

How much is the OPI? We have OPI here too and it costs £10 for 15ml.

Btw, pretty, where did you get the "drawing stick"? You are so much better than me now, I feel so inferior when I look at yours T_T

In short, nice nail arts!

VIVI said...

Alice in the Wonderland collection?
Luv it! =D

Casley said...

Gichy~ thx, hope i can come out with a nicer one in the future.. ^^

Lingling~ its NZ$ 24.90 for normal price.. but it drops to NZ$ 15 when it comes to sales!!! i got it in a beauty shop in KL.. it's cheap, i can bring u there when u're back.. dun say so lah, im still learning.. or perhaps we can do manicure together when u're back?? xD

Vivi~ yaya.. sometimes OPI do come out with different collections.. n this is from Alice in the Wonderland.. ^^

Anonymous said...

the hardest is to do it exactly the same to your both hands. i have shaky hands thus can't do it nicely. yours is very neat.

L1nG L1nG said...

I just converted the NZ to pounds and I realized that it is more expensive in NZ if there are no discounts, but it is cheaper in NZ during sales! What a bargain!!! You must have bought tonnes.. I am so regret now, I should have asked you to buy a couple for me T___T

I want the drawing tools!!! Will you go there again? Can you buy for me if you don't mind? This is because we have too many things planned to be done together and I am afraid that we won't have enough time to do every single one =(

Casley said...

yeah its reli not easy to do for both of ur hands, especially the drawing.. u have to be very steady.. =P

Lingling~ hehe yeah this was what i did, i converted the price as well.. is the opi in uk cheaper than msia?

i seldom go there.. but no problem if the one is lingling.. xD i can drop by there if i have the time.. but give me some time.. hehe~ yeah i know u'll be super busy since u're back for just a while.. ><