Monday, June 14, 2010

CNY with KOH family

After a few days I went to Sepang for CNY celebration with darling and his family, it's his turn to come over to visit my family.

All watching tv before dinner

♥ Casley + Andy ♥

I bet you think this is disgusting, so do I ><
Whats's the point of me posting this pic
It costs more than rm500! SWT huh?

I'm really not into seafood no matter how pricey they are, sorry

Happy couple

Too bad darling won't be having reunion dinner with KOH family next year
Can I possess more money to buy air ticket for him to come back in Malaysia?

Say hi to KOH family

Hehe I brought Casual all the way there
He loves travelling =P


L1nG L1nG said...

Pretty, you look so pretty in ur purple dress!!! *___* Envious

And Happy CNY, hahaha.. Am I too late to say this?

Casley said...

thx, my first time wearing it.. love it!!! hahahahhaa im too late to post this, n u're too late to wish... i feel bad.. LOL!!!